Moody, pouting, murderous Tango?
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My partner and I are intermediate-level ballroom dancers; we're looking to put together our first formal routine, and would appreciate some helping finding the right music.

It's going be a Tango - American ballroom style, with elements of Argentine. Duration will be less than 2 minutes, but we can edit down a suitable track for length, so don't worry about that.

The general picture we have is:
  • mid-to-slow tempo;
  • moody;
  • staccato;
  • traditional, modern, pop, electronica, avant garde - doesn't matter, so long as it's tangoable.
Most of all, we'd like it to be... dramatic?. Definitely serious. Sexy, perhaps, but not sentimental. Romantic with a capital "R" - lots of stern expressions and pouting and general haughty fierceness, rather than flowers and sobbing.

Novelty tunes need not apply. ("Masochism Tango," I'm looking at you.)

Other than that... go nuts. Thanks in advance!
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Is "El Tango de Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge too obvious?
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El Tango De Roxanne from Moulin Rouge (Or the instrumental version if the vocals push it into the novelty category)
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In case this isn't already obvious: Gotan Project

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Nothing is too obvious or too obscure. "El Tango de Roxanne" is definitely on the right track.

We're familiar with Gotan Project; they have some great pieces that hit the right mood.
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I'm a fan of Astor Piazzolla, but his stuff might be a bit on the subtle side for some dance steps.

Grace Jones does a swell interpretation of one of his songs that's really worth looking at. It's great!
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I don't know how it works in tango, but Ravel's Bolero (Torvill and Dean style) is the lost staccato, sensual dance I can imagine.
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When I hear tango, I immediately think of Tarrega's guitar piece.
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The winners of Strictly Come Dancing (UK) did their Tango to Florence and the Machine's "Spectrum (Say My Name)" and I thought it was pretty dramatic and sexy. YMMV
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