"when all your love is gone" song
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Looking for a song containing "when all your love is gone" lyrics

Looking for a song containing "when all your love is gone" lyrics. Heard it tonight Sounded old and strangely familiar, yet my google fu is failing me. Could also be a variation like "when all the love is gone" etc.

Really liked the song.
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First song I thought of was Bright Lights by Matchbox 20.
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Probably not it, but I'll suggest the Rolling Stones, "Love in Vain."
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I immediately thought of Earth, Wind and Fire, After the Love is Gone.

Was it folky? Funky? Grunge? 80's? 60's?
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Michael Bolton, "How am I supposed to live without you?"
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Hm. Nothing yet. Sounded familiar. Maybe 70ies but could just appear to be old.
I am not good with music, all that I was aware of is that the singers voice was descending whit this phrase.
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"Love in Vain" was my thought, too. The Stones have a great live version on Get Yer Ya-Yas Out" which was pretty different from the album version. It's a Robert Johnson blues number so a lot of other people have done versions, too. You might try listening to a few different versions of it on YouTube.
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No. And the song is quite fast.
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Jimmy Barnes - When Your Love Is Gone?
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Nope. Maybe it sounded a little bit like the doors?
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Not The Doors' "Love Her Madly," is it?
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Yes. "Love Her Madly" is it. I am so stupid...
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No wonder it sounded a bit like The Doors!
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