Finding your way around a WWII battlefield.
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I will shortly be in Okinawa and am very interested in visiting the Maeda escarpment -- specifically the summit where Desmond Doss earned his Medal Of Honor. I'd like to arrive there confidently knowing I am in the right place and oriented such that I could find the referenced cliff with certainty. Is there a right way to gather the information I need?
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This is probably a good place to start: the US Army history
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I haven't watched the whole thing, but starting around 57:20, this documentary about Desmond Doss called The Conscientious Objector shows a bunch of guys, I think including Doss himself, walking around the memorial area and pointing to exactly where everything happened. With some breaks, that goes on at least until 1:22:00 or so, maybe longer.
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Here's Needle Rock
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This geocache is apparently on the correct part of the escarpment, and the page includes photos of Doss standing on the site.
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Look at the
-Battle of Okinawa Historical Society (

I can't speak specific to the point, but I was stationed in Okinawa for 3 years, and Maeda point/cliffs are readily available... and I never heard of the MoH point, so it may take some digging.
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Thanks, everyone. Particularly with the help of the video footage I was able to be 95% sure I was at the right spot.
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