Looking for bands similar to The Black Keys and Ray Lamontage
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My dad and I are about to go on a road trip from Arizona to San Francisco. I'm looking for music to play along the way that's similar to The Black Keys and Ray Lamontagne that my dad and I can both enjoy- we really like both artists.

I just discovered Hozier, which is exactly what I'm looking for. My dad is also a big fan of The Rolling Stones but Mick Jagger's voice kind of grates on me, so if anyone can recommend a band that's like the Stones but a with a completely different sounding singer that'd be great.

Any recommendations for bands, songs, or albums are appreciated. Thanks, guys!
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Damien Rice might fit the bill if you haven't heard him before.
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I think you guys might like John Hiatt. I've always liked his album, "Slow Turning" as driving music.
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My new favorite band lately is Lucius. Lead singers are women so hopefully that still works - I think there are some similarities but it's hard for me to pin down why I think that. Gritty, soulful, but with good rhythm and not too depressing? Here's an NPR tiny desk concert, and their song Hey, Doreen is what got me interested.
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You might enjoy Cold War Kids.
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White Stripes / Jack White solo stuff

PW Long / PW Long's Reelfoot

Mark Lanegan
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davebush: "I think you guys might like John Hiatt. I've always liked his album, "Slow Turning" as driving music."

"Slow Turning" and the followup, "Perfectly Good Guitar", accompanied me across Arizona many years ago. Great choice.

I'm a big fan of Calexico, whose Tucson roots bleed through in their mariachi-jazz-rock.
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Alabama Shakes might fit the bill.
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Iron & Wine
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Glen Hansard, including the stuff he's done with The Swell Season and The Frames.
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The Devil Makes Three mixes well with the others, and adds some nice catchy variety, too.
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Junior Kimbrough was a huge influence on The Black Keys and has a slightly bluesier but super similar sound. If you have Chulahoma, you already know some of his songs!
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I'm driving around with Amos Lee these days. His song "Windows Are Rolled Down" seems particularly appropriate for a road trip.
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Alabama Shakes.
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Cat Power
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Trampled by turtles
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John Butler Trio
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Check out the playlist of CBC Radio 2 Morning. Ray Lamontagne and Hozier both feature pretty regularly.

A couple of specifics too: Rufus Wainwright, City and Colour, HAIM.
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Ryan Bingham
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How about Amos Lee?
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How about Catl ?
They're a "stripped down, juke-joint blues band" out of Toronto. They just put out a new album too.
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