Impossible question: Can you identify this portion of an album cover?
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When I launched in 2003, I clipped this little piece of red texture from a vinyl album cover and used it as the header background. I'm pretty sure that the light bands are guitar strings, and I thought it was a Frank Zappa cover, but I can't find anything that fits. Can you identify it, or am I sunk?
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It's not from Halloween is it?
posted by jazon at 2:14 PM on May 8

Back of Any Way The Wind Blows.
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Can't find the album (don't see this on Halloween, no), but I'm pretty sure that the larger light-colored structure to the left shows the pattern of soundboard wood (of a guitar, one might guess). I do not see any strings, though, just some light and shadow play.
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Better pic!
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Daaang nice beschizza
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jj cale's 5?
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Ask Metafilter is fucking magical.
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The correct response was delivered in just one quarter of one hour: that is AMAAAAAAAZING!
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