I am looking for pictures of words, where can I find them?
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I thought it would be easier to find this! I am looking for pictures of words. I want to avoid pictures of words created with "fonts" and want to find things that people found in the wild - signs, graffiti, that sort of thing.

I think Flickr search is broken right now because I get zero hits for things like fish, ink, and friend. Searching on pinterest gets a bunch of stuff that is like I described above - fonts.
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One search term that might help is "found words".
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For your suggested key words, I'm getting top-row or second-row results with google images e.g. "fish sign" (no quotes in search). Graffiti is almost as awesome, results-wise. Some of them are really cool! Some may give you false positives when the words are closely associated (ink and graffiti?). For sources: tattoos?
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A Google search for "flickr sign word groups" turns up these Flickr groups and more:

Do that search without quotes on Google and you'll get even more.
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Check Wikimedia Commons.
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Glyph City, Lettering and Interesting Type in Detroit via
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Type designer Tobias Frere-Jones heard your call and has an insane roundup of lettering/hand painted typography from around the world.
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