Clever phrase needed, please!
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I sew custom clothes for children and I need to start putting labels in my items. I've got the basic info for a care tag covered, but I want a short, cute phrase to put on there too. For example, one I've seen says, "Wear, Love, Wash, Repeat." Another I've seen says "play hard and get dirty." Another said "100% cotton and maybe a little unicorn hair for good luck." I don't want it to be cheesy and trite, but just to elicit a smile when a mom or dad sees it while laundering the clothes. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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"They won't be this size forever."
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My dad used to joke that children's clothing and shoes should have expiration dates on them because of unpredictable growth spurts.

"Size 4T or about 5 and a half weeks"
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"Gluten Free"
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Muss This Shirt
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"Remove Before Ironing"
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"Dry Clean Only. (Just kidding. Do whatever the heck you want. This won't last forever.)"
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"Wear Me Out"
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"union label"
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You again?
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"Take toads out of pockets before washing"

"Yes, YOUR child CAN get this so dirty it can't get clean!"

"Cuter with your child inside"
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"...or whatever."
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Please remove baby.
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Clothes Call: (your number here)
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"If wrinkled, hug to add more."
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See Reverse.

You're It!
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This side in, outside fun.
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My son said something like this once: "If you're not dirty, you're not having fun." But then he literally rolls in the dirt and dives into the mud just to get himself filthy.
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Made with affection and high hopes.
Built for fun and exploration.
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Building on the "cuter with child" idea, maybe something like "Instant fun: Just add child!" or "For instant fun, add one (1) child?"
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kids + fun = laundry
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Plays hard, washes easy.
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"You're not too tired to read the directions? I'm impressed!"
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Insert baby here.

Remove baby. Wash warm with like colors.
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After HuronBob, Eyebrows McGee, and salvia: 'For best results after washing, add child and squeeze firmly.'
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"Free promotional copy online."
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