Seven Deadly Weeks of Mixtapes Vol 1: Lust, specifically fellatio
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Okay. So as a really unnecessarily complicated gift to a friend leading up to the fifth anniversary of their losing their faith and going atheist I conceptualized seven weeks of mixtapes. 60 minutes each. Each with songs entirely about a specific deadly sin. Possibly NSFW specifics inside.

This one I wanted to be lust, but there are too many songs about that. So I am looking for songs about blowjobs, from a givers perspective. Preferably male. I only know of one song off hand, but I am sure there are many more in queercore and gay bounce music I am unaware of.
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Not from a male's perspective, but Cleopatra by Adam and the Ants is about a certain "wide-mouthed girl" of the Nile.
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Not from a male's perspective either, but ... Like A Prayer?
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None of these are from a male perspective, but I feel strongly that you have to include Poe's - Angry Johnny (lyrics).

Then of course there's the obvious: Madonna's Like A Prayer and Alanis' You Oughta Know.
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N.W.A. Just Don't Bite Me (like, really NSFW)
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Jet Boy Jet Girl: Just give it a listen! It's catchy, and NSFW.
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A tad lateral to your exact specifications, but I'd definitely include Sodomy in there as an interlude.
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Pansy Division's song 'Beer Can Boy.'
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Related? Joe Jackson's Heaven and Hell
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Innuendo, not description, but The Gravel Pit, (Suckin' on a ) Holiday Treat.
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Alanis Morissette, you outta know
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20 Fingers - you gotta lick it before we kick, cunnilingus
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Lil Kim - how many links, cunnilingus
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Kelly Rowland - kisses down low, cunnilingus
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The Clovers Cocksuckers Ball. Not about the act, it just says cocksuckers a lot.
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I find this song distasteful, but it was the first one that came to mind. Akinyele - Put It In Your Mouth
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I've never been 100% convinced but apparently Richard and Linda Thompson - Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song) is about blowjobs:

Girl on the corner with the tight dress on
You know she don't know nothing so fine
Feels so good when you put it in your mouth
Sends a shiver all down your spine
Sends a shiver all down your spine


Fellas in the alley all look like girls
With the lipstick and the high-heeled shoes
Feel so pretty and the boys all say
That they know just what to do
That they know just what to do
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Not specifically about fellatio, but I wouldn't be able to do a 'Lust' mixtape without including The Bloodhound Gang's 'The Bad Touch'.
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Um, "Sweet Head" by David Bowie?
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Not from a male perspective, but explicit: If - Janet Jackson

Let me know what you like
If you like I'll go
Down da down down down da down down
I'll hold you in my hand and baby

You're smooth and shiny
Feels so good against my lips sugar
I want you so bad I can
Taste your love right now
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Also, Pansy Division recorded a cover of Liz Phair's "Flower", which thus interprets it from a male POV. It definitely fits the bill.
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A blow job is part of the events of Sister Ray.
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Bowie's Cracked Actor
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Nightmares in Wax (who later became Dead or Alive), Black Leather, is absolutely what you want.
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Video of Tina Turner in the movie Gimme Shelter where she is blowing the microphone.
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Definitely not from a male perspective, however Flower from Liz Phair fits. It is definitely about the topic and definitely NSFW.
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Head, from Prince's 1st (IIRC) album, Dirty Mind.
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J. J. Cale's Humdinger handles it adroitly.

"Humdinger, she likes to lick my finger."
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How about "blow job queen" by Liz Phair?
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Serge's Gainsbourg's "Les Sucettes" - which we can file under the seedy "write a song about blowjobs then persuade an 18 year old singer to perform it on the assumption it is about candy" category. Therion did a male perspective cover.
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If an instrumental number would help round out the collection, there's Frank Zappa's I Promise Not to Come In Your Mouth.
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Almost too obvious but - I'm told that Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" may not have been entirely about yoga.
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"Adam and Steve," by The Frogs:

Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve, which is wrong and which is right?
Adam and Eve, Adam and Steve, which is wrong and which is right?
Look at the sperm on my lips!
Look at the sperm on my hips!

It's a short, punchy wall-of-noise sort of song, and the bonus is that it never fails to elicit headbanging.
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Introspective blow job song: "Fabulous Muscles" by Xiu Xiu.
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Aaron Carl - Down. Dirty Detroit techno.
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Gimme Head - The Radiators (I hate this song but it seems to fit the brief, pun slightly intended)
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Lovely Head by Goldfrapp
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Also from Pansy Division: Cocksucker Club
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From a female's perspective, demanding oral sex from a man: You Suck - Consolidated (Featuring the Yeastie Girls.)
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Cracker's It ain't gonna suck itself - male and female perspective.
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It's horribly (or delightfully, depending on your perspective) blasphemous but there is Cradle of Filth's fantastic Saffron's Curse. The choice portion starts with "she schemes of growing power and the lengths sucked hard to get it / I dreamed of being god and ever living to regret it..." and the verse gets far more graphic and sacrilegious about the blowjob from there. It's a beautiful song and is from the male perspective, but could definitely be offensive to some so I hesitate to post the rest.
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Oh, of course. How could I have forgotten this one! Regurgitator - I sucked a lot of cock to get where I am. Though more about lust for power than just plain old lust.
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