Moving a Step-van Pt. 2
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I need recommendations for a vehicle shipping company, with some snowflakes.

Related, but not nearly identical to my previous question; I need to ship an AM120 International Harvester van (Like this, but not actually this) from Bend, Oregon over the mountain to Portland. The suspect van isn't very long; the wheelbase is only 100 inches; so It's not much longer than a regular sedan. It is a bit taller than a regular sedan however. I don't think a traditional multi-car carrier would work in this situation.

Price is much less of a factor than on my previous question, because it's only going 150 miles or so; I just need recommendations for towing companies here in the northwest that would handle such a task.

And to head this off at the pass (pun!): The truck won't make it over the mountain; it needs new brakes and tires. Driving it over the mountain is not something I really want to do in a 55 year old delivery van. I wouldn't want to do that drive even if it was in perfect 100% original condition.
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Would any tow company with a flat bed work for you, or are you looking for specific recommendations?

If you have AAA premiere, you can get a tow for up to 200 miles, free.

If you have AAA, you may be able to get a discounted rate.

I'd flat bed the thing.

Also, I can't recommend AAA enough. It's really just awesome.
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If you have AAA premiere, you can get a tow for up to 200 miles, free.

Holy shit, I didn't think this existed.

I don't have AAA, and have been a Plebe Level™ member a year or two ago, and was unimpressed with…erg, just about everything. But that was on a different coast….That would make the entire shipping cost $146. I think you just won the game.

This might even be worth the copious amount of junkmail they send me, still to this day.
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Hold off on that membership upgrade a sec. As much as I love AAA, I'm not certain that they will do that kind of a tow for free unless you NEED to be towed; i.e. the car has broken down.
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If it needs breaks and tires, they'll tow it. The tow guy doesn't care, he gets paid regrdless.
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I called my local AAA office, and their only hesitation was that it's an odd vehicle, and wanted to make sure i'm not hauling around a couple thousand pounds of cargo in the back of the van.

A van whose breaks don't work, and tires are shot counts in their book; as long as it's empty and fits on a flatbed.
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furnace.heart: "I don't think a traditional multi-car carrier would work in this situation. "

You seem to have this wrapped up but as an FYI if the van isn't any taller than a pickup truck regular multi-car carriers can haul it. It just ends up on the top of the carrier just like pickups.
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