What genre of music is this and how can I find more like it?
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What genre of music is this and how can I find more like it?

I really like Uppermost, a supposedly "electro house" artist. But when I look up electro house, I usually get harder, more mainstream-sounding music, whereas this seems more sample-based?

And this song is a lot more downtempo, but it'd still be considered house, right? But what genre?

I'm just trying to figure out what this is so I can find more music like it, thanks!
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Falls under the broad category of electronica.
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This has a lot in common with the popular French touch/filter house/nu-disco vogue of several years back.

You might like:

Justice - Genesis / Phantom
SebastiAn - Momy
Gossip - Heavy Cross (Yuksek Remix)
Boys Noize - Lava Lava
Alex Metric - Anybody Else
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(In fact, I would spend a lot of time investigating Yuksek's catalogue, particularly his remixes.)
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You could listen to The Signal on CBC.
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Not quite the same genre, but reminds me of Chris Malinchak.
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I can't name a genre for you, but it reminded me of Pogo.
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(I love Pogo.)
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And this song is a lot more downtempo, but it'd still be considered house, right? But what genre?

Nah, that's just a straight up hip hop beat. If you want more stuff like that though, and french... maybe check out proleter.

I really feel like people are basing their recommendations off the other song you linked and the general kind of stuff they make. This specific track though, yea, hip hop beats.

That genre, while i'm a bit familiar with it, is not really my forte so i can't give a ton of specific recommendations. It's pretty much the bread and butter of adult swim bumps though, which tend to fall in to that "laid back sample-based hip hop beat" category where it's moved beyond boom-bap, and is more into futurebeat kind of stuff almost. I'd google around for tracklists from that going back as far as even 2003 or 4, since they've been using this specific subgenre of beats since then.

Futurebeat may also be a good tagline to search around under. Another thing you'll likely get a lot of mileage out of is looking at what tracks proleter likes. That's like, my primary music discovery method now that has fallen apart. Find a track>if i like other tracks by that artist look at their liked tracks>find more tracks>repeat.

You'll have a burgeoning folder of this stuff in no time. Hell, even stuff like flying lotus can sound a lot like this at times.
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You may want to search for "trip hop" as a genre, was super big in the early 2000s, Howie B kind of kicked everything off and people like Bonobo, Pogo and Luke Vibert are still carrying the torch.
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Not an EDM expert, but yeah, I'd call this trip hop. You can hear a lot of this kind of thing blasting from mutant vehicles out on the playa at Burning Man. (I like it, BTW.)
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Cool, emptythought! Futurebeats led me to this (with a lot of artists I already like!)
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