I feel like I've been there... every damned day!
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Anybody know where the photo for the Office 365 sign-on screen was taken? Link below the fold.
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Looks familiar to me too, and I suspect it's in California.

Here's a higher res version in case it helps someone - there's a sign in the lower left hand corner that reads something like Moomat Ahiko.

And I just googled Moomat Ahiko - it's a street in Santa Monica. Hmm.
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It's Santa Monica, CA. About a quarter mile up the coast from the pier.
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Bah, searched and found the answer on Reddit.

Santa Monica.
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Street view.
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(Rather, Reddit was in my search results.)
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Oh hey, here it is on google maps. On preview, yup.
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If, like me, you recognize it without having ever set foot in Santa Monica, you may have been there in GTA V, where Santa Monica is called Del Perro and you can find the same footbridge (view from the other side).
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you may have been there in GTA V, where Santa Monica is called Del Perro

Heh. Dog Town.

100% coincincidentally posted as we pass under the "Moomat Ahiko" sign.
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It's basically the entrance the the Pacific Coast Highway in Santa Monica, a couple blocks from the Santa Monica Promenade.
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