Notch, you owe me a day's worth of Minecraft.
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For the love of god, how do you turn off the April Fool's prank? Not getting any help from the forums or the mods at
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The gag is they replaced the Minecraft stock sounds, right? If there's a straightforward way to change them back I expect it'll show up on StackExchange. Going by that and Twitter it seems you're out of luck for the time being.
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Following GNFTI's link, here's a specific question on changing back to the regular sounds. No actual answers at this point but that'll be the place to watch for a solution if there is one.
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Yeah, Mojang is clearly not interested in the people who find this annoying. Maybe I can get my fix if I have an uncorrupted version somewhere that I can use to play offline...
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Mojang isn't interested in their players, generally, so this isn't surprising.

Can you use the launcher to roll back to a previous version? (I haven't tried the 4/1 update yet, so I'm not sure if it increments version numbers) At the very least, you can probably use the launcher to install an old version and yank the sounds from there.
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Would changing the date work? The Halloween aspects to the game work by reading the computer's clock, IIRC. Maybe setting the computer's date to tomorrow or yesterday would help?
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I'm so glad I play Resonant Rise or Feed the Beast--all of my sounds are normal. My skin changed, of course, but none of the sounds are in these older versions of Minecraft. From what I understand, the current version and snapshots both have this resource pack enabled. The only thing I can think of would be to try to find a resource pack that also replaces the sounds, because they would technically override the defaults in Minecraft. At least, that's what they normally do.
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There's now a StackExchange question, no useful answers yet. Setting your clock is definitely worth a shot.
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Here's a choice "fuck off" from one of the moderators at Mojang's bug reporting site:

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My final comment on this whole topic:
If you can't resist on playing this game for a full day, it should definitely be a sign for something for you.
There are/were work-arounds out there, just some peope probably were too lazy to find it,
Also, I'm saying this as a member of the community, not as a Moderator here.
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