Help me name my kitten!
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What should I name the newest and most adorable member of my family?

Pic 1, Pic 2

Help me out you guys, we can't call him Cat forever!
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Smokey or Desmond where the first two names that came to me.
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Aaaaawww that is some intense cuteness happening right there!

If you prefer name-names for cats, his steely gaze is giving me Marcus vibes. (I think this might be my brain making a Marcus Cole pun. Nerd alert!)

If you prefer non-traditional names for cats, Cumulonimbus! A million different nicknames can be derived from this. (Nimrod when destroying things.)
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mrrussell says that cat's name is Sebastian.
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Pico (he is so adorable and tiny)
Mortimer (Morty)
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If he likes to meow and you like Hawaii, then Maui.
If he scampers and you're a fan of the '60's, then GoGo.
If he's a tough guy and you like gangsters, Tony Soprano.
If he likes to climb and you're a Melville fan, then Greylock.
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Cabbage. Lemon. Egg Roll.

People names for kitty: Manny, Morty, Neville, Frankie.
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Earl (grey)
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Hank Reardon
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Sterling. A great pun and Archer reference!
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I looked into that cat's eyes and his name is Tito.
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Chim Chimney Chimchimcharoo.
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Egg Salad
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Admiral Henderson (sorry I'm weird)
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Seconding Earl Grey. Or T. Earl Grey. Hot!

Or Joel Grey, if you're a theater geek. Then you've got the full range of Joe-based nicknames to choose from as he grows up.
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Admiral Henderson (sorry I'm weird)

Sally's cat on The Dick van Dyke Show was named Mr. Henderson, so it's not as weird as all that! And the wee silvereh bebbeh kitteh does have a certain militareh digniteh.
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(Plus, as a tabbeh, I bet him's got rows of buttons down him chest just like a real Admiral.)
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I disagree. Cat Forever sounds like an awesome name.
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I like names like Earl Grey. In the spirit of that:

Henry Gray, of Gray's Anatomy
Zane Grey, author
Dorian Gray, title character in The Picture of Dorian Gray
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Gray-related names: Grayscale. Pewter. Monochrome. Battleship. Ash. Graphite.

Names I just now pulled out of a hat: Chompy. Ulfberht. Optimus Prime. Steve. Bartholomew. Maybach. Gabriel. Snacks. Linus. Murgatroyd.

(I'm a big fan of the "throw names at the wall until one sticks" approach.)
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What a beauty. We had some pretty gray kitties when I was young:

Lady Jane

Other options

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Seconding Ash.
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William Catner
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GOOBER! He's totally a little Goober.
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That cat's name is Dexter.
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Cooper (as in Agent Cooper)
Sterling Moss
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Cat Forever sounds like an awesome name.

Plus, you get a cute story to explain it!
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Fenrir Greyback
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Miss Eliza Tudor
Jasper Darlington Higgins IV
Aunt Ophelia
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No matter what his or her proper name was, every smoky gray cat I've had has ended up with Cornsmut among his collection of nicknames.
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The Gray Mouser?
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That is Pickles.
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Another vote for Cat Forever. That is brilliant.

That, or some random vegetable. Vegetables make the best cat names.
Rhubarb (that was my cat's name)
Baby Carrot
Brussel Sprout

What is your favourite vegetable? That is your cat's name. The end.
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Also, Chickpea is a great cat name.

Punctuation also makes for great cat names. Semicolon, Comma, Ampersand...
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But I still like Cat Forever the best.
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Pinot Grigio
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Couscous or Kibbeh (cats seem to like the sound of middle-eastern food names)
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You must listen very carefully to your beautiful kitten. He will let you know his name when he is ready and not before.

Be very attentive to him, sometimes a kitten will be shouting his name to you with every thing he does, but you won't notice it and kitty will sigh and continue until you work it out.
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He looks like a Russian Blue (or at least a Russian Blue mix)--ergo, something Russian. Mikhail (Baryshnikov) or Nijinsky would be good if he's proven himself to be a great jumper. Boris, if he's sneaky and spy-like. Ivan, Dmitri or Nikolai are always good.
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(Just looking at him, he really does look like a Boris to me.)
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I was also going to suggest Ash. Perhaps "Ashley 'Ash' J. Williams."
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I kick myself sometimes that "Bartholomew" occurred to me too late. Also, "Claude."
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I would call him Chinny because he looks like a chinchilla.
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Punctuation also makes for great cat names.

Interrobang!?! ("Bang-bang," or just "Bang," for short.)
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You can take one of my cat's nicknames.

Lima bean
Jelly Bean
Turtle bean
bean thread noodle
honey bean
vanilla bean
adzuki bean
asparagus head
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I'd name him "Eeek!"

Because a) he looks like a little grey mouse and, b) every time I came around a corner and saw his cuteness, an involuntary squeal would escape me.
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My grey dilute tortie is named Q. She had that face of your kitten when she was little.
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I have a Burmese mix named Ash and it is the best name ever. He actually ended up becoming almost totally greyish black.
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He looks very serious, so he could be a Cyril.
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Henry Rollins.
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My greys have been Sterling, Stoney and Ashe ~ two of which have already been mentioned. I like the Dorian Grey idea, but man this little guy strikes me as a Mouse.
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I'd be tempted to name him Flannel. Or possibly Pewter.
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If he were mine, I'd name him Spot because he doesn't have any.
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Earl is perfect, good job jshort! Thanks for playing everyone, some more photos for your time -- pic 1, pic 2.
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