Where can I buy blank plastic boxes for electronic gizmo projects?
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Where can I buy blank plastic boxes for electronic gizmo projects?

I'm looking for a supplier of plastic boxes, about the size of a tissue box, that would be suitable for mounting circuit boards in - and in which I could drill IO ports or mount buttons as needed - hoping that it's something that also looks nice - as this is for a prototype.
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RadioShack used to sell little blue project boxes. Unless you're buying in bulk, I'd check that out. Or Fry's probably has them.
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Sorry, should have said online. I'm overseas in Australia.
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Actually the word "project box" as a search term was probably what I needed - so thanks!
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Have you tried the storage section of a discount store? I see them there a lot. Or a craft store.
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Thanks - will try there.
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Are you searching for something like Serpac Enclosures? Their website has a few links to online distributors like Mouser and Allied Electronics.
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I haven't checked if these places ship to Australia, but how about American Science & Surplus, Sparkfun, or Adafruit?
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I use lunchboxes and tupperware-style boxes for this sort of thing. There are some perfectly sized ones for a couple of dollars at most supermarkets.

I buy most of my electronics stuff on ebay. There are sellers from Hong Kong for just about anything (probably including project boxes) who ship to AU for free.

Also, if you don't know about it, RS is a great Australian online store for electronics supplies. The name makes me think they might be affiliated with Radio Shack in some way. They have reasonable shipping prices. You can find project boxes there by searching for "enclosures" and then they have like a million sorts. Sort by price and filter by material and your size requirements etc on the left-hand side.
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Oh, and by "reasonable shipping", looking more closely, I mean "free". I don't think that was the case last time I ordered from them!
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Thanks everyone - great resources.
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"Enclosure" can also be a useful search term. Click here.
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if you've got a Jaycar nearby it couldn't hurt to have a poke around and see if anything they've got would suit.
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Every hardware store sells blocks of little sliding-drawer boxes to hold screws, springs, bolts, etc.
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