Find an illustrator?
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Can you help me find an illustrator I used to love and have lost track of? I'm terrible with names but she used to draw a webcomic, and I remember other things, too...

Her webcomic was about, I think, a bookish demon. Kind of a beast fellow with glasses and horns, and brown hair, I want to say. She did gorgeous full color illustrations, and the comic was updated rarely. Something about a tree, maybe? There were scrolls and codices. This was in the early 2000s, I think. She also did some nice coloring tutorials - I know I learned how to color reflective transparent gems from her. I think she eventually got a job at LucasArts and was doing illustrations for Star Wars extended universe books, like flora and fauna sort of things, but I could be combining her with someone else. From there, my attention drifted, and I've since lost any bookmarks and forgotten all relevant names. I am almost certain she was a woman, but as with all internet people this is always possibly wrong. I'd love to know if she's online somewhere with more art, how her style has developed, and maybe even if the old comic ever had a conclusion. Relevant searchwords are turning up nothing. Does this ring any bells for anyone?
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I can't help with this particular comic but if she was worth her salt, so to speak, she should appear in some of the best of lists and that sort of thing? Have you checked out the Flight series at all? Edited by Kazu Kibuishi? She might appear in one of those?

Would you remember her name if you saw it?

If the Green doesn't help, then maybe try out the forums at

Good luck.
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Was it Andrea Rhodes?
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Kind of a long shot, but is it Aeire? She did Xenith (I can't find it online anymore, but it might be what you're thinking of), and later went on to do Queen of Wands and Punch an' Pie.
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I think you're talking about Stephanie Lostimolo.
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I think she predated Flight. I was really into Flight and preordered the first four volumes. It's possible she was concurrent with the first ones but she was definitely still a student or just not on level with the people who were in the first ones. I do recall her work getting progressively ....

The more I think about it the more I want to say that possibly her named was Stephanie? But I really am just awful with names and don't trust that memory.

Her style was almost a little Disney, with lots of great linework. I think the webcomic ...

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HOLY CRAP! Tautological is right! Stephanie Lostilomo! Thank you thank you! And it WAS Stephanie! Why couldn't I find her before? Amazing, thank you. And I even own the Kinuko Craft book she did the design for! Hooray!
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