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Help! Recommendations for an exceptional endodontist in Seattle?
March 4, 2014 10:42 AM   Subscribe

I had a failed root canal (my second!) and need an endodontist recommendation. I'm looking for a highly-meticulous specialist who will communicate thoroughly with me and won't treat me like an idiot.

I asked for Seattle dentist recommendations last year and got some great responses. This time I need an endodontist!

The endodontist my dentist recommended didn't seem confident about the procedure she wanted to do for my failed root canal (apico vs. retreatment, specifically) and that left me feeling uneasy... So I'd like to go elsewhere for a second opinion and (hopefully) get the procedure done asap.

As I said in my previous question: I'd really like to see someone who is not just technically good, but who is genuinely interested in providing quality service. My former dentist on the east coast was almost a mad man when it came to perfection. No stone left unturned, no x-ray left untaken. I want someone I can really trust.

And: I'm prone to all sorts of dental issues and need an endodontist who is a master in the field.
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You can't do much better than John West
posted by Cuspidx at 11:34 AM on March 4

Nancy Turck was my dentist when I needed a root canal. This was quite a while ago but she was very communicative, sympathetic and thorough. The root canal has held up all this time. She used to work at the 45th Street Clinic and left to pursue private practice. If she's still in business, I woudl strongly recommend her.
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My wife and I go to Dr Aviles in Bellevue.

My wife has had 3 root canals in the past few years and I have had one. I actually fell asleep during mine. He is very professional and does excellent work.
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Kristine Yoon Lin is wonderful! Free root canal checkups at 6 and 12 months. Medical-Dental Building.
posted by Carol Anne at 3:08 PM on March 4

At this point, the standard of care would be extraction and implant. you might want to strongly consider this option and choose a provider accordingly.
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