Pointing my domain to a github page
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I need help pointing a custom domain at my github page.

I own, registered with Godaddy. I've set up a github page at I want both and to point to the github site. I've gone through the instructions here, but I can't seem to make it work.

I have a file called CNAME in the root directory of my github repo, which contains only the line "". My zone file for has a CNAME entry for www which points to

When I enter "dig +nostats +nocomments +nocmd" in the terminal, I get:
;		IN	A	600	IN	CNAME 3600	IN	CNAME	13	IN	A
Which seems right. But gives me a github 404 page.

So what am I doing wrong here? And what's the right way to make point to github in addition to www? Should I use a 301 redirect?
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Your CNAME file isn't uppercase. I think that matters.
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Hm, I renamed cname to CNAME, and now and both take me to the Godaddy domain parking page which resides at I think this is the behavior I want, if were pointing at the github page; so what am I still missing to make that happen?
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Yep, like gregjones said, you'll need to make your CNAME file uppercase.

> And what's the right way to make point to github in addition to www? Should I use a 301 redirect?

If your DNS provider lets you use ALIAS records for apex domains, you can create an ALIAS record to point to Otherwise, you'll need to create A records to point to and (Source.)

(I work in tech support at GitHub, so if you have questions that might require server-side spelunking, you can email and mention Nikki, and I'll poke around some more. I'll be around a computer for another hour or so.)
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I believe you need to set up a branch of your repo named "gh-pages" for this to work?
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I created the A records and everything looks right now. I think I was getting tripped up because the support page says that using A records isn't the best way to go, but all I can see on GoDaddy's DNS Zone File Editor is a way to create A records and "CNAME (Alias)" records, but I take it an ALIAS record is different.

The Biggest Dreamer, you need a branch named gh-pages if you're making a project page, but you don't if you're making a user page.
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