Camera, action, lights! Lights being turned on and off in movies?
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A bizarre question, I know, but I'm looking for as many examples as I can find of lights being turned on and off in movies.

I'm looking for shots of lights being turned on and off in movies. This can include lightswitches on walls, table lamps, standing lamps, flashlights, etc., or entire neighborhoods or cities losing or gaining power, but lights should be electric-powered; candles or gaslights don't count. TV is OK too but I'm mostly focused on movies, and movies can be from any era.

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Field of dreams
Pretty much every musical/theatre/stage based movie ever made (spotlights)
Coyote Ugly (and the end when she finally sings. Also the "1-2-3" thing)
Pretty much every horror movie ever made. (Light turned on, killer behind them)
The Dark Night (when they leave the fake bunker batcave and turn off the lights)
The Panic Room (they use a flashlight to signal for help)

The TV show Supernatural has a whole thing where lights flicker when ghosties are about.
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Do they have to be TURNED off, or would things like the lightbulbs being broken somehow also work?

Oh, that elevator movie call "Devil". The lights go out, bad things happen, lights come back on.
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Are you looking for shots of the light switch, or of the effect on the environment of the lights being turned off/on?
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In Waking Life the main character is constantly turning the lights on and off in various places to see if he is in a dream or not.
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Diva (towards the end, Gorodish dramatically grabs the garage light switch)

Silence of the Lambs
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Clue! A gloved hand (I think) switches off the main breaker.
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There's that scene in Fatal Attraction, where Glenn Close sits there obsessively switching the light on and off.
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Oh, man, you've gotta check out Wait Until Dark.
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Thanks for the responses so far. I'm open to examples of broken lightbulbs, sure! I'm also looking for the act of the lights going on or off - the transition - moreso than the effect. But I'll take examples of either.
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(Oh hooray! I found video for Clue -- a gloved hand, and the house goes dark. See the very first few seconds here.)
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Mary Poppins - the scene where she puts them to bed and sings "Stay Awake"
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"Wait until dark" - the plot revolves around light, dark, and the ability to see. Very good movie.
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In Batman begins, when Morgan Freeman first shows Bruce Wayne the R&D area of Wayne Enterprises - he turns on the lights in the warehouse, revealing how big the warehouse really is
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There's a scene in a Michael Showalter film called The Baxter where the main character turns off a light by clapping (the "joke" is that he does it while standing right next to the light switch).
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I'm pretty sure there are a number of lights being turned on and off in David Lynch's Blue Velvet. There are also lights going on and off in Mulholland Drive (I remember some stage lights in the audition scenes, and also some stage lights in the Silencio scene).
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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation has a sequence in which the light switch in a room is repeatedly used to turn off both that light and (unwittingly) external lighting on the house. Eventually, the overdone external lighting causes a brief citywide blackout.
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Big, where Elizabeth Perkins turns off the light for sex, and Tom Hanks turns it back on again.
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There's an episode of Bill Cosby when he's dreaming about being visited by Shakespeare. At one point Shakespeare discovers a light switch, begins flicking it on and off, and says, "This would be a great way to end a scene."
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Just because I just watched this: Season 3, episode 7 of Numb3rs, "Blackout," features several long shots of neighborhoods and then all of LA going dark.
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The Prestige when The Great Danton goes to visit Nikola Tesla. Skip to 1:43.
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Vaguely related TVTropes: Lights Off, Somebody Dies

Even more tenuous relationship to the question at hand: TVTropes: eye lights out
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My favorite, from Airplane!
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There's that great melodramatic scene from Sherlock season 1 episode 3 where the parking garage lights turn off in a wave as Sherlock and John exit into the distance.
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Ghostbusters is fresh on my mind today (RIP, Harold Ramis). When Venkman and Dana Barrett walk into the kitchen to investigate the refrigerator, she flips on the light switch [1:35-ish].
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A bit left-field, perhaps - model animation, 7 minutes long: Darkness, Light, Darkness by Jan Svankmajer. Gruesome and NSFW at all, at all.
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Casablanca does amazing things with light and dark, used metaphorically, but there is a classic moment went Rick goes upstairs to his rooms at about 1:20, walks in to the gloom and throws the switch to discover Ilsa there to offer herself if he will just give up the transit papers for Victor.

There are a bunch of lights going on and off in that movie. The immediately preceding scene where Victor comforts Ilsa on the bed before going out (setting up her visit to Rick) happens in reverse, with Victor shutting off the lights first.

I think I'll go watch it again.
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Also, just checked, the scene I mean shows Bogart's hand on the switch in a lingering shot.
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If flashlights (which use batteries for power) are okay, are you okay with camera flashbulbs (they also rely on batteries for power)?

There's a tense scene near the end of Rear Window when Jimmy Stewart is trying to defend himself against Raymond Burr by temporarily blinding him with repeated camera flashes at close range.
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The church members turn off the lights in Sullivan's Travels (1941) to watch a cartoon.
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Shaun of the Dead, at the Winchester. Flickering starts around 1:15.
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In The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, at least twice all the lights aboard the Belafonte go out due to an electrical system failure; after a brief delay the backup generator kicks in and lights come back on.
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City of Ember
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In Kenneth Branagh's Henry V the Chorus (Derek Jacobi) flips a huge light switch during the prologue, revealing a prop-filled storage area.
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There's this clip from and old movie in The Secret Life of Machines, but I don't know what movie it is.
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Ernst Lubitch's One Hour With You (1932) has a lights on / lights off gag toward the beginning of the film. It immediately follows this scene (the song "What A Little Thing Like A Wedding Ring Can Do"), which ends with a long zoom onto the light fixture above Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald's bed, leading into the gag that sadly isn't in the clip.
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In Rear Window Grace Kelly introduces herself to Jimmy Stewert by turning on a different light as she says each part of her name. It's in a clip just after the well known kiss.

As marsha56 mentions, later in the movie Jimmy Stewert slows an attacker by blinding him by setting off camera flashbulbs. What I didn't realize until seeing Rear Window in a theater was that by the time the scene happens the audience's eyes have adjusted to the dark so they are blinded just as the murderer is. In case you're looking for interesting effects involving lighting.
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I always like the Game Closet bit from The Royal Tenenbaums.
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This is fantastic, thanks to all!
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