Laundry snafu
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How would you get a beeswax / oil / zinc oxide stain out of cotton?

I accidentally put a tube of lip balm through the washer and dryer with a load of laundry. So, now the clothes in that load look like they are covered with spattered bloodstains. The clothes are mostly cotton and the lip balm was either this one or something very similar. Any ideas for how to get these particular stains out? This is a new one for me.
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Try rubbing some dish soap (like Dawn or similar) into the stain, really aggressively work the suds in there with a finger, then rinse it out.

If there are any particularly thick smears, you may also have some luck (before doing the dish soap thing) putting some paper grocery bag down over the stain and ironing it with a hot iron.
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Seconding Dawn, with the addition of heating up water to 160°F or so and pouring it through the Dawn-soaked stain before putting it in the wash.

(Using Dawn specifically was the trick my coworkers and I used to get grease stains out of our clothing, way back when during my days in food service.)
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Zote or other bar soap. Unless you are vegetarian.

Pink or white - I like to think pink is more effective but that seems unlikely.
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If the above doesn't work, try Lestoil.

Also, don't forget to clean out your dryer. Better Homes and Gardens recommends wiping it down and then wiping with a cloth with alcohol on it, and running some old towels through to make sure the stains are all gone.
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Put wax paper on the cloth...use an iron at. Low setting...keep using more paper till it's all gone.
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Put wax paper on the cloth...use an iron at. Low setting...keep using more paper till it's all gone.

yeah, this is basically magic in how effective it is.
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