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Hotel Recommendation for Amsterdam in September
February 9, 2014 11:23 AM   Subscribe

Can anyone recommend a hotel in Amsterdam for two nights at the beginning of September. The Trip Advisor forums are usually my go-to resource for travel but in this case it's not yielding useful results. The other forums are usually helpful but on this one there seems to be a lot of snarky-ness and people singing the praises of PriceLine and I'm not down with the bidding on an unknown hotel thing.

We are spending a month in France and Italy (woot!) and decided to start our trip with a couple of days in Amsterdam just to check it out. The only must-see is the Van Gogh Museum. Otherwise, we'll mostly just be recovering from jet leg and wandering around sightseeing a little. We are 46 and 53 and aren't looking for leafy green or red-light activities if that matters at all.

We'd like to find something around $150-175 per night (though we could go higher if need be), and I have a bum knee so an elevator or only one flight of stairs would be great. Marriott is our normal US go-to hotel, if that helps give a frame of reference. My husband liked Hotel Fita but it was full for our dates.

Thanks for any suggestions or advice!
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We enjoyed our stay at The Manor Hotel. Slightly small rooms by American standards, but nicely laid out and had elevators.
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I had a great stay at the King's Villa Hotel. It's a bit off the beaten path, but it's right on the Vondelpark and there's a #2 tram stop very close by. I enjoyed being able to see the sights in central Amsterdam and returning at night to the quiet neighborhood the hotel is in. The rooms are lovely, the staff is friendly; I can't recommend it highly enough. The cost might be a little over your budget, but it is well worth the extra money.
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I stayed in a houseboat in amsterdam last time I was there in 2012. Highly recommended, and apparently within your price range. Only one flight of stairs by definition :).
posted by singingfish at 12:36 PM on February 9

Local Dutch chain Citizen M is solid, and has elevators.

I live in NL - you should know if you haven't been to the country before that most buildings have extremely narrow, steep staircases to the bathroom or other levels. Many but not all restaurants/cafes however have added accessible toilets from the main floor to save the stairs.

My default suggestion for Amsterdam is to spend some time in Haarlem or Utrecht also, to get away from the crowds, but a couple of days in Amsterdam is just fine. Check out the Rijksmuseum, Jordaan, Pijp and parts of Zuid for neighbourhoods away from the crowds of Centrum. If you are lucky, you will get an Indian summer in September which is great for canal cruising and sitting outside.
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Believe it or not, I found it useful to peruse for ideas (since you can narrow your search) and then go back to tripadvisor and check the ratings for that hotel.
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We stayed in Inntel Hotel Amsterdam Centre and liked it. It was very convenient and had an elevator, no stairs that I recall.
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I've stayed at Owl Hotel a couple times now and would highly recommend it. The rooms are small but clean and the staff is wonderful, and it has an elevator. It's just off the Vondelpark (rooms look out onto the park) and near Museumplein, so centrally located but away from the craziness of the red light district. The hotel is also a block or two down on a residential side street, so its nice and quiet at night.
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We recommend NYOP over on the TripAdvisor boards because it really is hard to beat the deal you get. I usually stay in apartments so I can't recommend a specific hotel. I recommend and find something with high ratings in your budget.

I spend a lot of time in Amsterdam and I'm happy to answer questions here in a less snarky environment.
posted by humboldt32 at 12:12 AM on February 10

I really enjoyed Hotel V: has an elevator. It is funky and small, great breakfasts and amazing service. It is easy walking distance of really cool areas and there's a tram stop out the front.
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My knee and I thank all of your for your help. We decided to go with the Owl Hotel.
posted by Beti at 9:51 AM on February 13

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