Can someone ID this font?
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I can't figure out the font used for "The Kanes" in this image. So familiar, yet still elusive.
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This looks hand-drawn to me. Either that or some heavy manipulation of an existing font. Looks sort of reminiscent of Bookman.
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Sort of Rennie Mackintosh-ish, but not quite.
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It's bit like Showtime font, but again, different.
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Desdemona, as rocketman suggested, looks pretty similar (and is probably what you're thinking of when you say it looks familiar).

This style of font can be called art deco -- using that as a search keyword may help you find a more exact match if you need one.
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It's hard to tell from the small graphic, but it also looks like it could be derived from the Eaglefeather family.
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Oh, duhhh, my apologies...reading comprehension failure on my part. I was referring to the red text in my comment above. As others have said, this is definitely an art deco style font of which there are many.
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It's Muffaroo.
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