How do I get .AVI movies and .SRT subtitles to work together?
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How do I get .AVI movies and .SRT subtitles to work together?

Im playing the movies in real player, and the .avi's and .srt's are located in the same folder and have corresponding names, so whats wrong?
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Try Direct VobSub. It came as part of the AutoGK installation I use to make DVD to XviD rips and it works fine for me. Not too sure why you're using real player though. Try Media Player Classic with RealAlternative! ;-)
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I use this, it's great.

File > Open File

Then check "Subtitle options" click "Settings" and browse to the SRT file.
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thanks media player classic with real alternative, picked up the subs on their own.
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I second the VLC suggestion. Standalone app, also eliminates the need for downloading codecs
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DirectVobSub works well, but the image quality isn't quite as good as using Media Player Classic's built-in subtitle renderer.

That said, MPC doesn't allow you to specify a delay on the subs in case they're off, while DirectVobSub does...
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