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Do you have a daily email newsletter from your university that has a few notable stories and research that the University has done? I am looking to subscribe to daily academic newsletters from American colleges and universities. Something that goes out once a day, Monday-Friday, with something like a research story, a spotlight on a faculty member or student, notable news about the university, and things like that. I'm just looking for a link to the signup page. Thank you!
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Alum: Bryn Mawr Now, sign up is on the left.
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A textbook examples is the University of Waterloo Daily Bulletin, running like clockwork since 1993. Except it's Canadian, not American, and you can't get it via email, just online, but it does have an RSS feed and is posted on newsgroups and such.
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The University of Virginia sign up page with several daily newsletters.
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UANow from the University of Arizona. Daily or weekly.
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The University of Chicago Magazine is pretty solid.
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Harvard Gazette. You can subscribe on the left.
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University of Washington, signup is halfway down the page on the right.
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Stanford Report daily news via email.
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University of Michigan Record subscription page.
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Penn News Today. Here's today's. Here's an especially good one, though I might be biased.
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Dartmouth Now
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Someone passed along one through email - U of Calgary.
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