Help me name my city exploring company!
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I'm building the most fun city-exploring company ever, now it just needs a name.

I'd kind of a tour company - you might say it's more a way to see your city through fresh eyes, focused more on locals than tourists (so unfortunately Acme AA&A Cool Tours Inc isn't gonna work). We'll be covering everything from history to music to food, with a mix of tours and events and anything else. More Open House New York and less those buses.

Pertinent information:
  • We're in NYC but wouldn't mind expanding in the future
  • Cute is way better than professional
  • Doesn't necessarily have to describe what we do - any fun-sounding name might fit the bill
  • ...although it shouldn't scare people over the age of 55
  • Tours/events/etc will be on pretty much anything
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Shop and Frisk.
posted by three blind mice at 6:44 AM on February 3

Fun City.
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Urban Journeys
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Trex in the City
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The Toss The Guidebook Touring Co.
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(also, as a gimmick, you could toss things to people -- trinkets, confetti, etc.)
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(and make jokes about tossing cookies.)
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Underground Town Tours
CitiFound Tours
Unhidden City Tours
City Finders, Your Guide to the Underground Town
Cargo Culture, Fearless Guides to Your Home Town
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I clicked the "more inside" link just because the combination of the words "city" + "exploring" was so exciting to me, so maybe City Exploration, City Explore, Exploration Tours, etc.? (Was going to suggest Explore NYC but that already exists, alas.)
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MetroSensual Tours
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Old Hat Tours
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Secret NYC

New York Treasure Hunters

Hidden NYC
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- The Insider's New York
- The Village Peephole
- The Gotham Explorer's Company
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Eyes on New York


Old New York

Unique New York

Lets Love New York

Spread the Love New York
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For some reason, I'm really digging something "Big Apple" themed, with a cute little apple logo... e.g.:

Tour A-Peel
The Big Nibble
Tour the Core
InCider Tours
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The Gotham Explorer's Company

I like this because it's interesting and playful without being cheesy -- if you're trying to appeal to New Yorkers rather than tourists, I think something along the intrepid but classy 19th/early 20th century explorer vein, along with some pretty Gilded Age graphic design, is your best bet.
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The Observant Commuter
I'm Walkin' Here!
Tourist @ Home
Localize It
Within Walking Distance
Walk the Walk
When in Roam
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MetroSensual Tours...

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Everybody get naked!
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Explore Your Hometown
Tour Your Hometown
Expandable to other cities but maybe a little too provincial-sounding to attract urbanites. And maybe "Tour Your" is a little hard to answer the phone with.

Getting to Know - NYC
Changeable to each individual city. But maybe doesn't roll off the tongue.

NYC For Locals
Also changeable for new cities.

Good luck. Sounds like a great business idea. Post back when you are up and running, will you? I like to bookmark info for future travel plans (despite not being your target demographic.)
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Downtown Lowdown
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Boom-Boom Town
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Home Roamer
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Okay, one more. Roam at Home.
Home Alone? Roam at Home!
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See Here Now tours

Come See, Come Saw tours

In the Now tours

Go There Do That tours

Inside Outfitters touring
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Nick's City Picks
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Urban Expanse
NY See

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TryOnNY, TryOnPDX, TryOnATL, TryOn, etc.

(Cause you're trying on the city, so to speak.)







(Cause it's all off the beaten path...)



(Cause you're Tourin' round the city, but you're getting the INside scoop)


Ah hell, you could just call it Gangurru, which is the Guugu Yimithir word that Captain Cook got Kangaroo from. Could name it that cause people will be hopping all over the city.....
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