Looking for recommendations for great women ensemble films!
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Just saw Mona Lisa Smile for the first time and loved the acting in it. Now I'm on the hunt for great recommendations for all-women or prominently women ensemble movies. Release the hounds!
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Steel Magnolias!
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Thelma and Louise. Fried Green Tomatoes. How To Marry a Millionaire. The Women. Ooh ooh! Antonia's Line! Whatever Happened To Baby Jane. Bridesmaids.
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Rachel Getting Married
A Thousand Acres
White Oleander
Grey Gardens
The Hours
Devil Wears Prada
Dancing at Lughnassa
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Call the Midwife, tv series, British.
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August: Osage County is primarily a female cast with some male fillers.
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The Color Purple
The Help
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Oh, and Heathers. And The Descent!
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8 Women.

I'll save everyone the trouble of looking for "all female cast" on IMDB. Its not helpful. And fairly depressing.
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In French, but the version I own is subtitled: 8 Femmes. It's a film adaptation of a play, with eight women and one man, whom you rarely see.
Dammit, biffa!
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The Women is a sublime classic. No males--even the dog is female.
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Boys on the Side
Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day
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Picnic at Hanging Rock, which takes place on Valentine's Day, 1900, when the young women of Appleyard College are given a brief respite from the rigidity of their campus (and the formidable Mrs. Appleyard, played by Rachel Roberts) to see the sights of Hanging Rock. It's eerie, otherworldy, and altogether captivating.

The Descent. A gang of sportive friends gather – for the first time since Sarah's husband died – for a weekend of camaraderie and spelunking. It's a well-structured, harrowing film. (I recommend you look for the original ending, not the U.S. theatrical ending.)

Enchanted April. Four women, strangers to each other, combine their modest resources to rent a villa in Italy and escape the dreary, damp spring of 1920s London. Miranda Richardson and Joan Plowright won Golden Globes for their roles; Joan Plowright was Oscar nominated, as was the screenplay.

9 to 5. Three office workers (Lily Tomlin, Dolly Parton, Jane Fonda) team up to take on their chauvinistic, exploitative boss (Dabny Coleman). I caught this recently on TV (so, the edited version) and was surprised how well it held up, fantasy sequences and all.
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Waiting to Exhale
The First Wives Club
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Friends with Money
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The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, featuring Maggie Smith's unforgettable, Academy Award-winning performance in the title role. (Some male roles, but mostly women/girls. The novel it is based on was also by a woman.)
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A League of Their Own
The Watermelon Woman
Whip It

If you can only pick one off this list, I'd say The Watermelon Woman. The cast are clearly having fun, and these days it's a fascinating study of just how hard it was to track down obscure information pre-Internet.
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Personal Velocity is very good. But then I love Parker Posey.

Seconding Heathers, The Hours, and Enchanted April.

Also, Mystic Pizza.
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nthing The Women, the original, not the weak-assed remake.

Not a man in sight and the dialogue sparkles!
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Friends With Money
Waiting to Exhale
The Help
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood
NOT the 2008 remake of The Women--it's unwatchable
St. Trinian's
Little Women
Charlie's Angel's, if you're in the mood
’Night, Mother
The Craft, once again, you have to be in the mood
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Made in Dagenham is a wonderful movie with an incredible British cast.
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Calendar Girls
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Stage Door is another classic.
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Just thirding Enchanted April!
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Pitch Perfect!
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Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown is one of my favorites for this
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Cry "Havoc" (1943), Army nurses during the fall of Bataan.
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The Group, based on the novel by Mary McCarthy (which is also great).
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If you can find it, Altman's Come Back to the Five And Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean fits the bill.
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Is French okay? Venus Beauty Institute.
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The Jane Austen Book Club. There are guys in it, and one in a central role, but it's mostly about the ensemble of women.
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The Magdalene Sisters—excellent acting from the all-female central ensemble.

Old and subtitled, but worthwhile: Mädchen in Uniform
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All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre) is brilliant. Most Almodovar films fit the bill, I think.
Definitely seconding Antonia's Line. I loved this film.
Since the wonderful series Call the Midwife has been suggested, too, I'm going to recommend The Bletchley Circle.
Bend It Like Beckham
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Bagdad Cafe -- not all women, but the 2 female leads are great!
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Now and Then!
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Most Almodovar films fit the bill, I think.

I agree, and thought I'd mention Volver since it hadn't come up yet.
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