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Need help creating employee "fun" company website
January 17, 2014 7:15 AM   Subscribe

Our company has 3 different locations (all US) and a couple hundred work from home employees. We want to create a website that would allow us to communicate, have fun, and increase employee engagement.

Our company has 3 different locations (all US) and a couple hundred work from home employees. We want to create a website that would allow us to communicate, have fun, and increase employee engagement.

What we want:
Ability to post videos
Ability to post blog type content
Would like to block non employees
Needs to be easily to update
Would like to post live webcam footage from our various locations.
Home Run: Create some sort of interaction like where maybe one of our at home folks could click a button and "wave" at our in house folks by making a physical object in the break room move.

We don't really want to use Facebook.

I was thinking maybe the easiest would be to use a combo of Blogger / Justin.TV / google hangouts to accomplish what I'm looking for. The problem here would be security and only allowing current employees access?

What are your thoughts?

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SharePoint is a good platform for this, and it can be housed on your Intranet server.
posted by Ruthless Bunny at 7:21 AM on January 17

we do a lot of this with Yammer.
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Maybe something like BuddyPress would be a good fit? It's an add-on for WordPress.. You'll probably need some other plugins/add-ons for things like video.

WeMo + IFTTT might be good for the critteryard like functionality.
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Something like HipChat perhaps in conjunction with other Atlassian products (Confluence?) might get you what you need. HipChat video should be coming soon...
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I was coming in to say Confluence. It's a wiki but allows for commenting and special content pages so it could very easily do the trick if you don't want a lot of programming involved. If you have the resources, Wordpress combined with Buddpress could be a nice solution but probably not as turnkey as confluence would be.

I can't think of the names, but I know there are also several social media platforms aimed at businesses that are meant to be used as a sort of employee-only Facebook.
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Why not Google+ ?? Checks all the boxes as far as I can see...
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No offense, but as a user, please don't use sharepoint for something intended to be fun. I don't think I've ever met any coworker who enjoyed using sharepoint. (It's merely a semi-functional means to an end.)

I have had a workplace use Yammer for this with mild success.
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Some great tips here
Sounds like Sqwig­gle might be something interesting for you
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This isn't exactly a "website," but my half-remote work group uses Slack, which is basically a chat app. I've never been much into chat, but somehow group chat is totally different and I love it.
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Yammer works fantastically for this, and meets all your requirements. We use it at my work and I couldn't live without it now.
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We use Yammer for this. Although most dont use it because they already use facebook, twitter, etc, and don't want to click to another site. But YMMV
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I've just started using Slack with my remote team and it's fantastic. It doesn't tick all of your boxes, but it's excellent for group communication.
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