What is my Bacon number?? (very obscure "actor")
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OMG I have a Bacon number! I think. What is it - how do I find it? Difficulty: I am very obscure and not actually in the movie industry.

Back in about 1999-2000, I volunteered to act in a movie for a friend-of-a-friend. There were cameras, and makeup, and everything, and apparently the end result sucked and everyone forgot about it (including me). BUT, I guess the director held on to all the footage and re-edited and released a cut of the film in 2004! And put clips on Youtube, and listed whatever info is required on IMDB - the whole 9 yards.

My question is - given that I am now listed on IMDB, is there any formulaic way I can obtain my "Bacon number," or my degrees-of-separation from any other actor? I already tried googling "bacon number [name]," and nothing came up; either they don't use IMDB, or they use some subset of data.

Are there any other alternatives? Just from clicking the bios of a few other people in this movie, I am certain that they connect to other films so it is not a complete dead end.
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Oracle of Bacon
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Google a name and "bacon number" and Google will tell you the answer. Example
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Try to connect someone in the movie to a bigger name actor with 1 degree of separation, then go to the Oracle of Bacon with the Oracle of Bacon with the bigger name actor. Then you are the bigger name actor +2.
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What is your name and what movie is it?
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If you've ever co-authored an academic paper, you may be one of the few people with an Erdős–Bacon number.
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If you expand the Oracle Of Bacon options to include documentaries, you get a lot more connections.

Mine is 3!
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I also volunteered on a movie in 1999 that ended up sucking and was forgotten about (I'm sure that happens a lot), then the director did a re-edit and made it into a shorter film (or maybe a couple of shorts) in 2004. I wonder if it was the same movie?

Does the name Sultan Biggs mean anything to you?
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My Erdős–Bacon number was 9 by the time I was 19 and I haven't really done anything else of value since then.

For anyone curious, you can calculate your Erdős number here.
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[Folks, please keep this to answering the question rather than kibbitzing about your own Bacon or Erdos numbers.]
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Thanks to RobotHero - that does the trick. I think I have even visited the Oracle of Bacon before, but had obviously forgotten about it.

Google a name and "bacon number" and Google will tell you the answer.

Actually I tried that and it didn't work; I think Google's dataset is incomplete or something.

Thanks again, all.
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Does the name Sultan Biggs mean anything to you?

Nope, sorry.
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