Women in drone
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Simple really: Can you please recommend drone music made by women?
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Apollo Vermouth
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Grouper (example )
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Else Marie Pade (example)
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I'm not sure if you'd consider Earth to still be a drone band at this point, but Adrienne Davies' drumming has been pretty influential on their current sound.

Eliane Radigue is pretty classically drone. (Seriously, give that video a try. It's fantastic.)

I can't think of any strictly drone musicians coming out of the Mills College electronic music scene in Oakland, but I'd be shocked if there weren't several... Perhaps someone more familiar can fill in the blanks there.
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Pauline Oliveros' Deep Listening Band (example)
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(It looks like Eliane Radigue's "Trilogie de la Mort" is on Spotify in its full 3 hour glory. Not sure if there's any way to link to Spotify, but searching her name will pull it up.)
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Some of these are only drone-adjacent, but: Windy & Carl, Julianna Barwick, amiina, Mileece, Colleen.
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Christina Carter, Morgenstern (not Barbara Morgenstern), Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue. Carter Fanni Tutti from Throbbing Gristle also wrote some drone here and there, but it's not typical of her work.
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Everyone above has posted my favorites, but I'll throw in Chubby Wolf (RIP). Like Windy & Carl, she was really more drone-adjacent, but try Ornitheology (cover NSFW) and see if it does anything for you.
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Inca Ore.
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Maryanne Amacher.
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Drone-adjacent, but parts of Shaking the Habitual by The Knife, especially "Old Dreams Waiting to be Realized."
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Also drone-adjacent, drifting between drone and general cosmicness: Motion Sickness of Time Travel
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Jarboe has done what I would consider some drone work in her various projects, but you would need to pick through.
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Amacher and Radigue are the big composerly names and mentioned above.

How bout Olivia Block...Vanessa Rossetto...Anne Guthrie...?
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Laurel Halo.
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Noise, but I'll still suggest: Pharmakon.
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Dronish ambient: Grouper, Noveller, Christina Vantzou, Grouper.
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Lucrecia Dalt's latest album Syzygy has some drone sounds. Listen to a preview on Soundcloud.
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noise-lovin' partner recommends Eliane Radigue (very minimalist drone) and Suzanne Ciani (less so but some fits). It's def. more noise in general but the Extreme Music: Women comp also comes to mind.
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