Identify Black Loose-Leaf Chinese Tea
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Can someone help me identify this bag of Chinese tea? It was gifted to me and I know nothing about it. It's a wonderful tea and would very much like to buy more. If you know your teas please feel free to recommend another assuming you are familiar with the taste and other attributes of this particular black tea. Photo 1. Photo 2.
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I can't read Chinese, but I or someone else might be able to identify it from a picture of the leaves.

Is it a full-leaf tea, or is it broken? Is the tea a uniform black color, or are there lighter-colored tips? Does the tea taste smoky? Does it have any added flavors?
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The front of the bag just says "Premium Tea," and the back of the bag lists various types it could be, but none of the boxes are checked.
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It looks like a bag that was filled at a tea store, probably from jars or tins at the actual store. Can you contact the person who gifted it? Alternately, post pictures of the leaves.
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Yes, pictures of the leaves, and a description of the flavors (e.g. spicy, malty, floral, woodsy) will help in identifying it. Maybe compare it to other teas you are familiar with.
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Here is a pic of the leaves. The leaves are all black and uniform in color. The tea is clean and crisp with no strong flavors of smoke or other flavors.
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I'm going to guess Pu'er (普洱茶), but I'm not 100% sure.
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If you think the tea tastes earthy then it's probably pu ehr, (examples here and here), otherwise, it could be Fujian (examples here and here).

Both Adagio and Upton, the sites I linked to, let you order samples, so you can try it and see if it's like what you already have.
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The "furriness" of the leaves makes me think Pu'erh, as others have said. Order some samples from Upton and try them out!

(Tea is an awesome addiction in that even the fancy kinds are pretty cheap.)
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The tea is clean and crisp with no strong flavors of smoke or other flavors.

This would rule out pu'erh in most cases. I think Fujian is more likely.
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I agree with smoke. I've always associated pu'erh with very distinct and strong flavor - smoky even. It has sort of "love or hate it" type of flavor. I'd lean towards Fujian.
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