Help me identify these boots! (or a close match, anyway)
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Help me identify these boots! (or a close match, anyway).

I pledged for the "Bluelace Project" Kickstarter in large part because I liked the look of those swanky blue laces on the boots in their video and pictured on their project page.

Alas, perhaps responding to people like me asking about them, they write in their FAQ: "We don't actually know who makes the boots. The boots are over a decade old and the makers mark wore off over time, there is a mark though that says they're made in Portugal."

I haven't bought boots in years, and am not one to know shoe designers, so hoping someone here may either be able to identify this brand, or, better yet, a close enough match that is available for purchase at a reasonable price...
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That is basically a "fashion" take off on the classic Corcoran Jump Boot.
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Are they definitely boots, and not something like this?
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Similar: these? or these?
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Here are some similar-ish boots

[note that part of the look is due to photo manipulation and the boots having extensive wear]
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They look to me like 6/7 eyed boots with rivets and a cap toe. Or, I guess, the laces could be tied at the 6th eye, even though the boot goes farther up? Possible but unlikely.

Red Wing Iron Rangers are close. No rivets, and it is hard to tell if they are just much sturdier or if the ones in your picture are just so worn in.

Also close, and with basically the same differences: Frye Logan Cap Toes
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Actually they look closer to the M42 shoes that GIs wore at the start of WWII.

The Red Wings Iron Ranger looks pretty close.

(on preview, what dirtdirt said)
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These Wolverine ones would look phenomenal with those blue laces. (I have some on the way too! They're going in my Palladiums)
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Oh, you can see in the Kickstarter picture that they are 6 eyes, and that they have regular eyes all the way up. The Iron Ranger has speed lacers at the top 3 positions, and both the Red Wings and the Frye have 7 eyes.

Also, Both of those boots have heel caps as well as toe caps. The boots in your picture do not. No help.
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They don't look like Iron Rangers really, the toe on the IRs is much bigger, no heel cap, speed laces, etc.

It looks more like a worn Alden Cap Toe boot.
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Again, I'm not looking for an exact replica, just a close match.

The Wolverines suggested by Jacob seem like a good fit, but a bit pricey for my frugal budget.
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If you know your size, you can buy Wolverine 1ks on ebay for about $250.

Good quality boots, at a lower price point, would be the Chippewa apache's.
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I was going to suggest the Iron Rangers (I'm wearing my pair right now, actually, and they're phenomenal boots). If you want cheaper but still great made-in-the-USA boots with a boss cap toe and a more city-oriented sole versus the Apaches, Chippewa makes the Katahdin Iron Works boots for LL Bean.
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I've owned several pairs of the Katahdin Iron Works boots, and while I really love the styling, I don't think they hold up very well.
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I've owned several pairs of the Katahdin Iron Works boots, and while I really love the styling, I don't think they hold up very well.

Good data point. A good friend of mine was just complaining that his Chippewas weren't nearly as durable as he expected them to be, too. Interesting.
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Expensive answer: Dayton service boot. I can vouch for these boots. I have a pair of Daytons (not this model - I have the sidekick) that are 22 years old and other than having been resoled more than once they are in amazing condition. I still wear them regularly.

Inexpensive answer: Canadian parade boot. You want a pair that is beat up and broken in or to be prepared to spend some time walking through rocks and whacking them with hammers :) you should be able to pick up a pair on eBay for $30-50.
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I've received my laces... They look awesome against my light gray boots... A darker, steel gray would look spectacular.
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