How do I delete the photos on my iphone?
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Absurdly, my wife can't delete the 1000 photos on her camera roll on her iphone 4. Running ios7; with ios 6 you could apparently sync to an empty folder via itunes, but that doesn't work anymore. Any ideas? Surely there must be a straightforward way of doing this routine task?
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Is iPhoto not an option? Anytime I sync my photos to iPhoto it asks if I want to delete the photos from my phone.

On the off chance she uses a PC, maybe look into some kind of equivalent photo management software for PC? Does Windows have a proprietary photo management system akin to iPhoto?

Also, surely deleting them independently is an option? Sounds like a chore, but if she can't sync photos to her computer, that's probably the only way.
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If you're on a Mac you can connect your iphone to your mac and use Image Capture select all and delete. But I agree that this is a strange gap in the usability. You used to be able to do this easily on just the phone itself in IOS6, but not now in IOS7.
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She is on a PC. And iphoto has now been set to delete on download, but that doesn't work retrospectively.
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Yeah, unless something really weird is going on you should be able to delete them directly in Windows. The phone (just the camera folder) should show up in Devices & Printers (on Windows 7).
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Can she delete the photos manually on her iPhone? Just to check that it's not an issue with the deleting itself...

When my iPhone is connected to my PC, I can delete photos from the My Computer browser.
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Ah, that did it. Thanks all.
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