Seattle bar for casual gathering?
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Seattle filter: Looking for a bar or other location that can acommodate a probably-rotating group of 10-20 people for a going-away party next Sunday around 4ish. Ideally in Wallingford or nearby and ideally someplace that won't be too crowded.

Would especially love someplace with halfway decent food, and if children are allowed, even better. Would prefer someplace that's not too much of a sports bar, since it's a NFL playoff day, though I don't know how much that will matter since the Seahawks aren't playing that day.
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Pecado Bueno is a great Mexican joint in the Fremont area that could possibly accommodate that many. It's not super authentic (ie: modern Mexican), but the food is tasty and they're fairly inexpensive. They have indoor and outdoor seating. I'm not certain if the outdoor seating is year-round---two of the large outdoor tables have fire pits in them though.

It's not a sports bar, though they usually have sports on their large TVs. I'm having difficulty really explaining the vibe from this place -- kind of bro-ish, kind of hipster but very welcoming. I think it'd be a fun place to have a going-away if you like Mexican food.
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Tangletown? You can make a reservation, or possibly rent out part of the place. It's in Wallingford, they have good beer (it's one of Elysian Brewing's places if you've never been), I'd say halfway decent or better food, and they allow kids.
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Vios at Third Place Ravenna isn't too far away and would be a great place for all.
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Also not too far away, and has excellent food, with a separate 21+ bar so the main area is kid-friendly: Pies and Pints
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I cannot recommend the Barking Dog in the northern part of Ballard, near Phinney, although I know it's not too close to Ravenna.

In 2010, when our neighborhood's quasi-Irish bar Mulleady's screwed us at the last second by "losing" our reservations for MY WEDDING AFTER PARTY, losing them the DAY BEFORE the damn wedding, Barking Dog came through like a champ. We called all over the city but couldn't find a single place willing to reserve tables for a group of 15-20 - because it was during the NCAA playoffs and everywhere I called said they'd be too crowded. Our neighbors recommended the Barking Dog and when I called and explained they said sure, no problem. They reserved a big set of tables off to one side, kept us in booze and tasty food all evening, and it was an all around great experience.

I have to confess I don't really remember much of the night too well, so I can't speak to the overall atmosphere but I don't remember any TVs and our area was nice and quiet (except for the noise we made, of course). They do allow kids, and even have a kids menu.
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Give Blue Star Cafe and Pub a call. If they can't reserve you a space, Hale's Ales might be able to accommodate you.
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Hale's Ales is fairly sports-bar-ish for a brewpub. You might call ahead and try to reserve the quieter area if you go there.
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I came in to suggest the Tangletown Elysian and Blue Star. Tutta Bella on Stone Way may also be a good option. We had our rehearsal dinner of, oh, 20-30 people?, at Tutta Bella and then moved to Blue Star (with no warning to them) and were easily accommodated.
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Thanks for all the great ideas! But it looks like I asked this question too soon - a friend offered to host it in her home. But hopefully this question will be useful to someone else down the line.
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