Where can I find this chair?
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I used to live in upstate New York and Vermont, and there was a certain kind of chair that was a dime a dozen in the area: an upholstered wingback with small embroidered flowers. I've owned several of these chairs, but they've all been destroyed by cats, and I'm now in the market for a new one.

Where can I can buy one? My previous ones came to me via friends or garage sales, and I can't figure out for the life of me where these kinds of chairs are sold. Are they so out of style that you can't buy them new? I've checked out stores from Target to Crate and Barrel with no luck.
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This company seems like it could help.
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Wingbacks have been modernized a bit lately with straighter lines. If you're looking for the traditional old school shape, consider going second hand and having it reupholstered.
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They still sell them but there are fewer options and, as cecic says, straighter lines. You can check out an all-purpose furniture place like Jordans and see what they have for wing chairs (warning: expensive) or Overstock (warning: weird and not always relevant) and maybe use that as a starting point. This one seems close. Upholstered stuff can get tricky to find in more urban places because of bedbug fear, but I see them coming up on Craigslist fairly often. You can set an IFTTT alert to look for "wing" in the furniture category and see what people have.
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Unless your cats are more destructive than most, pieces like this are definitely a good candidate for reupholstering rather than just completely replacing the chair.
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Ikea has a wingback chair, oddly enough. (It's pretty comfortable, but a bit too much like a cartoon of a wingback for me.)
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Ethan Allen?
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