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All I remember is the macguffin is time travel, and the setting is a time period that I think may be similar to the few generations before and after the Roman occupation of Gaul. There may have been a murder mystery thrown in. The book was in English, I suspect by an American author.

I'm reading "The Discovery of Middle Earth: mapping the lost world of the Celts" by Graham Robb.

In a nutshell, he's talking about how the Celts in Gaul got a bum rap from Caesar and the rest of the Romans (read: the winner writes the history books) and it's a fascinating, well written exploration of Celtic culture based on some recent discoveries and some of his own theorizing about stuff.

Anyway, it's reminded me of a book/story I dimly remember reading years ago, at least a decade, probably two or maybe more.

Any ideas?
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I don't remember the title, but I remember a novel about a man who was born in the golden age of Rome who had the ability to "sleep" while frozen in ice with the aid of a special antifreeze potion - part of the book takes place in a Roman territory. The antifreeze potion which enables some people to travel forward in time - which is kind of like time travel - is sought after by some faction in the novel, I think. I vaguely remember that some people are after the protagonist because he was framed for murder - but I'm not sure, at all. Anyway, it's what your question reminded me of, and though again I don't remember the title of the author, someone else might think of it.
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Household Gods by Judith Tarr and Harry Turtledove?

Or Caesar's Bicycle by John Barnes?
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I think the book Rinku is thinking about is The Centurion's Empire, by Sean McMullen.
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Red Shift?
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Lest Darkness Fall, L. Sprague de Camp? "American archaeologist Martin Padway is visiting the Pantheon in Rome in 1938. A thunderstorm arrives, lightning cracks, and he finds himself transported to 6th century Rome (535)."
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Watching Trees Grow, by Peter F. Hamilton?
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Sounds like Lest Darkness Fall to me.
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None of those titles ring a bell, but I'll look them up and see what I find. Thanks.
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FWIW, it doesn't sound at all like Lest Darkness Fall to me. The time period is off by several hundred years, and it's about the Ostrogoths, not the Celts.
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