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Small business IT Support
December 13, 2013 9:34 AM   Subscribe

So my wife has a small business (5 employees, 3 in the USA and 2 in China), and I currently do IT support for them "for free". I'd like to get out of doing this for several reasons.

The reasons:
1) I don't particularly like spending my nights/weekends doing tech support. I've got two little girls and i don't like my free time "sucked up" by IT support.
2) Because i don't like doing this on nights/weekends, a lot of stuff just doesn't get done that should be done.
3) Although it hasn't been mentioned, i'm sure the employees aren't happy with the level of IT support being provided.

The details:
They've got a server (semi-managed VPS) that's running their website, email, an intranet page, and an ftp site for sharing files. I was hoping to migrate these all to something else that would be less maintenance (google apps or hosted exchange/skydrive) but haven't spent the time to do it. And there's the continual pc problems - viruses, upgrades, etc.

And, the question:
Does anybody have recommendations for a person or business in San Diego they can refer me to to help with our small business IT needs?
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