NYC Photo Card Printing ASAP
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Where in NYC can I order a printing of 250 photo cards with the quickest turnaround? I'm talking like 24-48 hours. Can pay $$$.

Hi MeFi. I work for the manager of a major recording artist (which I only mention to demonstrate how much we can pay and also in the case that name-dropping is my best bet, which I really would hate to do). We had placed an online order for 250 flat 4x8 photo cards last week and the merchant lost our order. We absolutely must have these done by Thursday and the online merchant said that even with the quickest shipping we won't receive them until Monday. What I need is a flat (not folded) photo card on photo-card stock (not just a photo print), 4x8 (yes they are weird dimensions, no I can't change them), where the front is just the photo (no borders or text or anything but photo), and the back is plain (no text or color). Essentially I want a 4x8 photo, but on photo greeting-card stock.

Is there anywhere that I can place the order tomorrow in NYC that can print them and have me pick them up (or sent by courier) Thursday morning? We do not have the capacity or man-power to print and cut these ourselves.

Thanks. (And sorry for all the parentheses. You can see why this is a difficult task.)
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You could try Rush on Grand Street. They have 24 hour turnaround. I doubt 4x8 will be an issue since trimming down from letter size is trivial.

Since you're in a pinch and money is no object you might want to consider farming it to two different printers just to cover yourself.
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I'd at least check in with Adorama. They do great work very quickly and they might be able to work out a special arrangement with you over the phone.
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Checked Adorama. They can't do 4x8. Thanks though
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CVS has same-day pickup of 4x8 photo cards. Although, I'd call the store before placing the online order to make sure they have the supplies -- you might have to space it across several locations.

If that doesn't pan out, I'd check with a professional place like Bay Photo - they can probably print them today and overnight them for the right price.
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Try National Reprographics or A Esteban & Co Inc
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