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I want these cookie cutters. Where can I find them? I am in Canada, but could have things shipped to the US or to Ireland easily.
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posted by xingcat at 8:38 AM on December 10, 2013

Nope, it isn't that one. I've seen the R&M cat cutters.
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I'm not able to find a place where you can buy the cookie cutters, but it looks like the cookies are made by a Japanese company called Occo Cookies - maybe if you contact them they can help?
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It looks like just one shape painted in different ways. If you can't find it, perhaps there is this route?
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Simon's Cat cookie cutter set has a manic cat tummy.

It may be possible to 3D print a cookie cutter, but I understand it can be very expensive (and the materials are not marked as food safe).
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3d printing! So smart. I found this site which will allow me to design my own cookie cutter, too. (Of course, just buying the cutter would be great too, if people find it later.)
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there's also this wikihow on how to make your own cookie cutter from an aluminum lasagna pan.
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