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Inspiration and Direction for Christmas Crafting Requested!!
December 9, 2013 8:18 AM   Subscribe

I got a wooden crate like this one to do a craft project for my father for Christmas. He got a record player for his birthday and is starting a record collection all over again and needs something to contain them in. I figured I could make something neat and personal out of a wood crate, but I need help with the details, or ideas for what to do with it.

My SO suggested doing iconic album cover recreations on each of the slated sides. Possibly in full color replication, or possibly with just a background color and the contents of the album cover in silhouette. Album cover ideas that we have thought of so far are Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road. That's literally the only two we have come up with.

I'm looking for more ideas, or ideas of album covers that might not be impossible to recreate. Also ideas for methods of doing this. I am not the most gifted of artists, but I can be pretty decent at drawing something directly from a photo. I tend to stink at dimensions though. Is there a way to print something out and transfer it in a way that I could paint over it, or possibly a good way to print something and cut out a stencil? I feel like I've tried something similar before and had a LOT of bleeding paint, and ended up drawing it free hand anyway.

I'm open to any suggestions to make this an awesome more personalized gift.

Note: my dad tends to be into the classics (Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Stones, Rush, etc etc)

Any ideas HiveMind?!
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I'd maybe raid goodwill for old albums, cut up the covers and decoupage them. Either that or I'd paint it and stencil it.
posted by DarlingBri at 8:27 AM on December 9, 2013

Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers should be recognizable with a basic drawing and maybe a zipper glued on
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I would get a woodburning pen and draw some cool patterns and lightning bolts and other rocking stuff on it. Sketch first with a pencil and then you can just trace with the woodburning pen.
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Is there a way to print something out and transfer it in a way that I could paint over it

Slip some transfer paper between the printout and the wood surface, tape it and the printout down and trace over the elements on the printout. The pressure from tracing on the printout will deposit graphite from the transfer paper onto the surface of the wood. If you can't find transfer paper you can make your own or just shade the backside of the printout with a pencil.
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If you're painting on wood, sanding and sealing will help you get crisper images.

Sand with 120 and then 220 grit sandpaper wrapped around a block of wood until you get a smooth surface. Make sure to remove all the dust--you can vacuum and/or use compressed air.

Seal the wood with an oil-based primer, or shellac if you want to see the wood grain. Sealing will prevent water-based paints from raising the grain, helps prevent bleeding paint, and keeps tannins from dark areas of your wood from staining your paints.

If you can, test your sealant and paints on scrap before you commit yourself.

Rasterbator can help with scaling up images for printing.

To prevent bleeding under stencils, lightly spray the back of the stencil with re-positional spray mount.

Woodburning is a good suggestion. It's definitely something that improves quickly with a little bit of practice.
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What if you got sheet music for some of his favorite songs and reproduced them onto the slats? I know you can transfer images directly onto wood, although I have never tried this myself. Other ideas for reproducible album art might be Rush 2112 and The Velvet Underground & Nico.
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Reproduce a Peaches crate?
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