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Help picking NCLEX review flashcards.
December 9, 2013 8:05 AM   Subscribe

My fiancee is graduating with her BSN, and is taking the NCLEX in two months. What flashcards should I buy her?

I mean the physical cards that she can carry around in her purse.

This is a surprise xmas gift, so I can't query her for information. So please, offer your recommendations, and help me and MissantropicPainforest out!
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Congratulations to your fiancee! Here's a good set of medication flashcards that might be helpful:

That said, the aspect of the NCLEX that's more important to be ready for is the way that the questions are asked/answered. Hopefully her school has prepped her well for the kind of multiple choice testing present on the NCLEX, but if not, maybe consider buying her some NCLEX review texts as well, that have lots of multiple choice questions in that style. Being good at test taking is arguably more important than cramming the (enormous amount of) specific knowledge that *might* be tested into your head.

Here's a good one - anything by Mary Hogan "Reviews & Rationales" has been very useful for me.
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Second the Mary Hogan Review / Rationale books, and that practicing the text question style is important. I also used some of the Lippincott Q&A books. They would just be pages of questions and the last half of the book would be the rationales for the answers. Great for getting used to the type of testing she needs to prepare for. But all the Hogan books were my favorite.

Congrats and good luck to her! And thanks for giving her such a kind and supportive gift.
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