Recommendations for Asian wedding hair/makeup stylist in NY/NJ?
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Does anyone have a recommendation for a hair & makeup artist (for my wedding/wedding party) who both a) has experience with Asian hair/makeup, and b) doesn't cost a zillion dollars?

Everyone I've contacted wants between $300-500 for me for the day-of, $170-$220 per bridesmaid/mother, and ~$200 for the trial. I understand that the going rate is just higher in the northern NJ/NY area, but ... man. That's so much money. (Plus that's all before gratuity! Yeech.)

These are mostly salons or recommendations for freelance artists from Weddingbee or the WeddingWire forums. I know the stylists' time is valuable and don't want to short-shift anybody, but I just can't believe there aren't some young, up-and-coming artists who would be willing to do this freelance at a lower rate. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Ideally this person or people would also have experience with Asians -- my party is almost all asian and a lot of times make-up artists who aren't used to working with us don't know what to do with the eyes and end up trying to create the "crease" by troweling on eyeshadow.

Thanks for your help!

Note that I know that I don't "need" to have these services, but I do want to explore the options. My mother wants hers done, and most of the women in my party whose weddings I've been in have also provided this. I won't do it if it's not in my budget in the end, but I want to explore all the options before cutting it. Thanks!
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How big is your wedding party? I used Sachiko Yanase on the recommendation of my dressmaker. Her rate is $600 for 6 services (one "hair" or one "makeup" being considered a "service") and $90 for extra additional services on the day of the wedding. Plus $130 for the trial, in Queens.
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On the lower end of the prices you're getting quoted: Jina at JAC Beauty. $300 for bride, $150 for others, trial for $175 when I hired her two years ago. I too thought it all seemed very expensive. But when you're in the thick of it during the day of the wedding and your stylist is COLD ROCKIN IT with everyone's finicky makeup tastes and she deeply understands Asian mom hair and everyone is so happy both the moment she's finished with them and later on every time they see photos, it's worth it. Happy to send pics if you memail.
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Thanks both!

I contacted Sachiko about a week ago, but haven't heard back from her yet. She does seem TOTALLY reasonable when compared to what I've been seeing, especially since I know the quality of her work is high.

I have 5 bridesmaids, myself, and the MOB/MOG. I know that's probably too many people for one or even two people to work on, but I'm not sure if everyone will get hair/MU or just hair--and often the freelance folks have common partners they can recommend, so I thought I'd still ask.\

Sestaaak, thanks--I'll check Jina out, and memail you momentarily ...
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