Help me find out where I can purchase this lamp -- Please!
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To summarize I had people over and someone accidentally broke the lamp. I am staying in a rental and it is not my lamp. PLEASE can someone provide a link where I can buy this lamp? I would REALLY appreciate it! Here is the lamp.
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The bottom of the lamp reads: PW0122-PURE . This site has always been a huge help, thank you in advance!
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Consider calling your landlord and asking where they got it. If you offer to replace it straight they probably won't be mad, unless it's irreplaceable - in which case you are screwed anyway.
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This link will work. Also, we can't tell from your profile where you're located. This makes it harder to help.
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[Fixed link in post.]
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Emperor SnooKloze I am in New Mexico. Looks like the lamp has a december 2010 date.
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This is it "unbroken"
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This blogger has the same lamp. They may be able to tell you what it is so that you can search for it.
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Brown version of it from Kirklands.
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I googled around about this. a lot. I found that kirklands had it in taupe as well, despite the search on their site not bringing that up. It seems like they may have had several colors including that white, but the links to those pages were dead ends.

Deeper down the rabbit hole, i found a bunch of pintrest posts for just those two colors.

The more i look around, the more it seems like NO other place had a lamp exactly like that regardless of what creative name variations for the description of that design i tried. I would probably just contact kirklands and see what they had to say, because it seems like something they semi-exclusively sold that might even be their own design. Even when those lamps showed up on amazon, they were sold by kirklands.
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Speaking from experience, the best thing here is to be honest and forthcoming. Tell the landlord/rental agency that the lamp was broken and offer to pay for a replacement. Maybe they wanted a new lamp anyway.

It will be a much bigger issue if you replace the lamp yourself and someone notices later.
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Yeah, just let them know what happened and offer to buy something similar. Much easier on the nerves.
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It's highly unlikely that the landlord was emotionally attached to the lamp. I doubt they'll even care if the replacement is the same lamp.
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If that lamp was that precious to them they would never have left it in a rental. Just let them know you want to replace it, and you will be fine.
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PS I would think the breaker could at least chip in if not cover the cost...ahem.
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I doubt the lamp costs as much as your rent. Delegate.
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Lamps break. Things get replaced. Don't worry. Just prepare an email with links to 2-3 other similarly sized and priced table lamps from Amazon or and tell your landlord her lamp broke and you're happy to replace it with those or another of her choosing. I would also include a link to the Kirkland one so that you can be on the same page about what the appropriate replacement price point ought to be.
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It kinda looks like it could be glued. If it is irreplacable to the owner - what about offering to pay the replacement cost (which looks to be a fairly modest $79 USD) and then also offering to try repairing it as well? Two-part epoxy is your friend.
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If it's just those two pieces I would also first thing try gluing it, with epoxy. Might look fine and none's the wiser. Else, see above.
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Thank you everyone for the links and advice! I appreciate it!
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