Do you read Qing dynasty era Chinese characters? Read these, pls!
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This is a calligraphy banner with a colophon on a Chinese ink landscape painting on silk. I don't know the date, but I'm assuming it's Qing. The painting is a vertical scroll - mountain, houses, river beneath - with two or three sets of scene-setting characters. What does this say? Any date? Thanks!
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OK, that's a terrible picture. I'll try to post a better one.
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I think it's the Chinese calendar year at the top, but a brighter, higher resolution pic would definitely help!
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Sorry, not much better.
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I can't make out more than one or two words because it's written in cursive ("grass script") calligraphy, so I'm afraid I can't tell you the overall meaning. The year (first three characters) appears to be 壬戌年 though, which could be 1742, 1802 or 1862 if you're looking at the Qing period.
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1682 too, sorry...
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