Community referrals for a Realtor in Saint Paul.
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I am assisting family members as they work to move out and sell their condo in Saint Paul, MN. We are looking for a local, reputable Realtor to manage the selling process. Can any MeFites provide a firsthand referral for a Realtor you had an excellent experience using? Also, what dangers or warning signs should we look out for as we navigate this process?
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I'm sending you a memail.
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I just memailed you, too.
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A very real danger of any sort of real estate transaction is prioritizing being friends with the Realtor over the reality of what a home sale is: a business transaction of significant monetary investment.

Don't be afraid to push, and to push hard, to make sure your Realtor holds up their end of the contract and any negotiated expectations you have in regards to the sale of the condo.

I am biased considering my involvement in real estate, but I find that reputable agents from big, reputable brokerages have the best qualities, resources, office managers, and networks to quickly get a home sold. Coldwell Banker and Re/Max are great starting points to your research in St. Paul.
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