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Seeking Team Canada / Finland / USA hockey shirts for tiny tot
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I have a two year old niece. Her mom is American, her pop is Finnish, and her auntie biscotti is Canadian. I wanted to send her tiny little versions of the TEAM SUOMI and Team Canada and maybe Team USA hockey jerseys because (a) OMG the cute and (b) so her parents can dress her appropriately for Sochi. I can't find them, except for old versions of the US one. But I refuse to believe that Canadians and Finns do not want to dress their tiny tots in hockey paraphernalia, so I have to think these are out there somewhere. Can someone help me? My Finnish is limited to race drivers and the word "lansigootansmanpystykorva" so I can't really search on Finnish sites.
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On the Team Canada front:

The Bay is apparently an "official outfitter" of Canada's 2014 team and has an Olympic Team Collection of apparel for sale.

Here are their infant sized (up to 18-24 months) Olympic Jersey and two piece fleece outfit.

In case these are too small for your toddler neice, the traditional toque is a good fallback.
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Sport Chek is selling a children's jersey that might fit her better.
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Sweet, I can use my hockey Finnish for the forces of toddler goodness.

The Finnish ice hockey team is the Suomen Jääkiekkoliitto, and they are the lions – leijonat (leijona is the singular). Their online shop is thus the Leijonakauppa ("kauppa" means "shop/store"). You are going to want to look in the lapset (children) section, where one of the first options is a Leijonat Baby Collegesetti oiken hyvää, oija!! "Koko" is "size", the checkout cart behaves as standard... but they only ship to Finland and EU countries :(

I'm not able to find anything that ships outside the EU. Maybe a Finnish MeFite will come along? If not, feel free to hit me up by MeMail, we could always transit via Nice. It would go quickly, there are regular flights from Helsinki to Nice.
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I think I found the Finnish jersey for you. Suomikauppa delivers all over the world, and they have a hockey shirt in kiddie size. Hyvä Leijonat! also has hockey jerseys, which I think are exact replicas, but the sizing starts from 120 cm (and they're more expensive, too).
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