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Finding the right bralette for a C cup.
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Hi ladies, I have searched the internet high and low and I am at a loss! I am looking for something similar to the Commando Tulip bralette to wear under blouses for work. The caveats are: Can't show nipples (knocks out the Tulip). Looking for long line so I can tuck my shirts into skirts without wearing a cami underneath (too much bulk). Some kind of support - I'm a 34C cup. No lace cups (texture shows through most blouses). Must be nude color. Can anyone help me find a solution? I'm not sure why this has proved to be so challenging!
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If anyone else was confused as to what a bralette is, it looks like these.

OP, have you googled "padded bralette"? I got a bunch of encouraging looking hits.
posted by heavenstobetsy at 9:03 AM on December 5, 2013

Wait you're trying to wear basically a training bra with a C-cup? Are you also wearing a bra? This sounds like a bad idea.
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YMMV, but you might want to try Spanx's all-hosiery bra. That said, radioamy's right; bralettes aren't designed to do what you want; your best bet will be to look for t-shirt midline bras that will give you the smooth line and support you're looking for.
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I'm the same size, and I wear Genie Bras or similar for this. Decent support, the cups come with removable foam pads to cover nipples and provide support, some brands have less coverage to accommodate lower necklines. Over time, the lines of the bra seem to become more visible through clothes, though. I've gotten versions at Walmart and Ross.
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There is a generic bralette at Wal-Mart right now with removable foam cups that comes in a nude color. (Sorry, don't think it has an identifiable name or anything. The basic shape is like this, complete with a very slight gather in the middle, but with a little bit of lace at the top and removable pads.) I am also a 34C and I wear the medium and it is PERFECT and SUPER COMFORTABLE and doesn't show nip and is basically the only bra that I don't immediately rip off upon coming home and also they're $5! $5!!!

Hie thee to Wal-Mart and buy like 10 and your boobs (and you) will rejoice.
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Oh, I also forgot to mention that they convert into X-backs with a little hook and have adjustable strap lengths and oh my God seriously they are the best that reminds me I need to go buy like four more.
posted by WidgetAlley at 10:17 AM on December 5, 2013

Get thee to Reddit's A Bra That Fits. Check out the measuring and shape guides on the sidebar. 34C corresponds roughly to a 34" underbust and 37" bust measurement. Many women sized into a 34C at large chain stores (and many smaller boutiques) are closer to a 30F/FF.

After confirming your size and shape, check out the buying guides on the sidebar. If you still can't find the answer, make a post! These ladies know basically everything there is to know about bras and boobs.
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I really like the Braza Wild Card Bandeau (although it can be worn as a bandeau, it has detachable straps). I'm a 34D, and with the pads inserted in the bra, there's no chance of nipple issues. Plus, I find it super comfy! FWIW, I wear an XL, so maybe you would be a large?
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what is your goal? unless bralettes have changed a lot, i don't think they're really made for C cups. they're made for coverage/modesty, not support, and at work a C cup really needs support. at least at the jobs i've worked.
posted by misanthropicsarah at 11:52 AM on December 5, 2013

What is it you *like* about the Commando Tulip? Is it just that you want a wire-free bra? Do you like the band around the bottom? Googling for "padded longline wireless bra" I found this one: Mary Jane Longline and this one: Luna Longline (which is pink, not nude, but would be nude enough for some). But I'm really not sure what it is you're looking for.

I always say this, but seriously, if you're anywhere near a decent independent lingerie shop, go ask them! Those ladies love to talk bras.
posted by mskyle at 1:30 PM on December 5, 2013

Maybe a non wired sports bra? Lots of variants that are cup based. I agree with misanthropicsarah that it may be hard to find decent support in a bralette, depending on your breast shape. But there are a lot of comfort bras out there!

Also, have you browsed HerRoom? They have a good selection with helpful guides.
posted by troytroy at 3:13 PM on December 5, 2013

Not a bralette, but a second base cami could solve your bulk issue.

I wouldn't recommend wearing a bralette to work with your cup size. You may be interested in longline bras.
posted by turniphead at 5:41 PM on December 5, 2013

This made me think of the Aah Bra. I haven't tried one but have seen them around.
posted by superfish at 12:33 AM on December 6, 2013

I saw this bralette with removable cups today.
posted by turniphead at 5:07 PM on December 6, 2013

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