The elusive угаалтуур
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What is the proper English name for, and where might I find for purchase, a plastic over-sink water-rationing reservoir that looks like this?

I saw these in rural Mongolia, but cannot for the life of me find more information on the internet.

It's a very simple device; you just fill the reservoir and then push up on the little white thing to release a small trickle of water when you need it.

Apparently they are called either "угаалтуур" or "тосгуур" in Mongolian, but a Google Image Search does not yield any relevant results.

Hopefully this is a really easy question for someone here; thanks!
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Neat! Reminds me of soap dispensers that work on a very similar theory. Useful to install during hurricane season ...

Found this using the search terms push sink water reservoir.
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We had one of these on our dacha. Let me surf the Russian web and see if I can get an answer.
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Okay, so in Russian it is called a Rukomojnik/Рукомойник, literally transalted as "hand-washer" but also as "water-dispenser." It seems to exist in Germany as well as a "handwascher."

The closest English thing I can find are camping hand washers, but they operate more like drink dispensers than the pump kind you're looking for.
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All I can find are DIY tippy tap solutions.

CDC source.

The closest constructed bit I could find was a Tafflo Valve which is a self closing valve.

Here are directions to make one of cloth, wood, and a bit of plastic for the valve. Looks like I'll have a hurricane project for the kids!
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