the Trulias and Zillows in Europe are ? (please fill in!)
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Buying a home in Europe two part question: 1) Where can I buy a home or apartment for up to 10,000 dollars (if possible)? 2) Please fill in for any European country you know, what the Trulia/Zillow of that country is. Thanks!
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In the UK, there's Zoopla and Rightmove.
$10,000 (around £6,000) would buy you a fairly lavish garden shed, but you'll need ten times that for anything more than a derelict shell in a run-down area.
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$10,000 won't buy you anything in Ireland, either. Even looking at the cheapest and/or most depressed European economies I can think of (Poland, Greece) there is nothing in that bracket.
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Oh wait; I take that back because I forgot Bulgaria. You can buy a studio for €10,000 (about $13,500). I would not touch any property in Bulgaria with a ten foot pole; it's known for being scammy and poorly built, but YMMV.
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The equivalent in the Netherlands is But I don't know if you can even buy a parking spot for under $10k here.
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Did you maybe leave a zero out of that 10,000? Must agree with the previous posters that a budget of 10,000 will not buy you a home or apartment in basically any part of Europe. Even 100,000 is hardly enough in Western Europe.
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For Switzerland, you want I am sorry to say that $10,000 (~10,000 CHF) won't even get you a hobby room in Switzerland, though.
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You can find a small apartment in Šiauliai, Lithuania for $10,000.

You will absolutely need to learn Lithuanian if you move there, though.
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As a general rule, if you focus on smaller cities outside of capitals in the Baltics, you may have further luck. I have seen listings in Tartu, Estonia and Daugavpils, Latvia that might work for you as well--but be prepared to (1) do a lot of work on the apartment, and (2) be rather isolated until you learn the local language.

Also, buying property in other countries is tricky; make sure you know what the rules are around your purchase, ownership, and taxation.
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I taught English in the Republic of Georgia and was told that you could get something for $10k there.
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I would say that European areas where you can find a well functioning Zillow equivalent and ones where you can buy a residence for $10K max are two different categories that don't overlap....
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A former boss of mine brought a house in rural France for £11,000 in 2008.

If you want to live in a reasonably bad neighbourhood in England in the West Midlands, £60,000 would be OK. If you go to Northern England, that may go down to £50,000.
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