I'm not doing a cigar and Red Sox tickets four years in a row.
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You are an early 30s guy's guy, fairly athletic, dry sense of humor, loyal, taciturn, not much of a reader, likes sports, slightly acerbic comedies and HBO dramas. What am I getting you for Christmas? Budget: $75 -$100, roughly.

Examples of known likes: The Sopranos, the Wire, Seinfeld, the Larry David Show, Eastbound and Down, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Seeger, mid-90s Classic hip hop, and the history channel when it actually shows history. Cooks for himself and will experiment with new recipes but not what I'd call a passion for cooking. Goes to the gym on the regular and is usually in a couple after-work sports leagues. In the middle of doing an MBA. Aggressive driver. Golfs a few times a year with my dad.

I just feel a bit stumped this year for him. I really do think I've gotten him some cigars and Red Sox tickets about three years running. I'd like to get my bro something different this year, surprise him a little but have it be something he'd really enjoy, and I just feel like our interests diverge enough so that maybe obvious things aren't occurring to me. If you are an early 30s guy's guy similar to above (or have procured pleasing gifts for same) what would you get to treat yo' self, for $75 to $100? I can stretch that budget a bit for something awesome. (Note: He has netflix and I think owns most of the series he really likes on DVD already, so I'm not thinking that. But I wanted to give an example of his taste.)
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A 3-month subscription to Zingerman's Bacon of the Month, if bacon is a thing he likes.
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whiskey/scotch tasting sets/subscriptions? there are a few out there.
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I'm not entirely dis-similar to the person described.

Scotch. A nice pocketknife.
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A Merkur razor, so he can finally shave like a real man.
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A gift certificate for a really good shave at one of the fancy Boston shave shops? A hot shave at this place is $25 and so you could supplement it with a nice razor and some scotch?
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the grand taxonomy of rap names is pretty cool (i own it). they have other posters there that are cool if you like data, and might look nice in his place. bonus if framed.
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Yeah I would totally do a Consumable Of The Month situation, or a visit to some kind of Art Of Shaving manly barber. Or really excellent liquor.
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You have described me. I would like any of the following:

Glenlivet 18 (or some other 18+ year old single malt)
A safety razor shaving set
A homebrew kit
A poker set
Guns, Germs, and Steel
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Take a look around Best Made. It's kind of a ridiculous store, but since it's a Manhattan store focused on axes, it gets a bit of a pass in my book.
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For what it's worth, I'm a guy who likes getting cigars and baseball tickets and I wouldn't mind getting cigars and baseball tickets into perpetuity. If it ain't broke...
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I'm seconding the wetshaving stuff: The $75 Wet-shaving Kit suggestions from the wet-shaving subreddit, /r/wicked_edge. The top comment/list is from Leisureguy, the user who literally wrote the book on "gourmet shaving." Generally the subreddit considers "Art of Shaving" merch to be overpriced, but the straight-razor shaves are legit, and their products aren't bad at all. Lots of boutique soap and razor operations out there to choose from, as well as some old brands that're hanging on.

$100 kit from same.
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Jeni's ice creams.
Thermapen for the bbq.
Lagavulin 16
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I'm not far off of the guy you describe. I have both the Merkur and Lagavulin 16, and enjoy both immensely. If you go the razor route, you can also find lots and lots of shaving soaps on Etsy for a song.

Also consider significant upgrades to things that he uses a lot. Think smartwool socks, a good chef's knife, a good coffee grinder, etc.
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I'm going to second Kwine. I'll be honest and say that the first time I didn't get pajama pants from my Mother-in-law, I was a little bit disappointed. I'd come to see it as a tradition. It's possible he's already got an idea when he's going to enjoy the cigar and is wondering what game he'll be going to.

This isn't to say that any of the other suggestions are anything but great. (If any of you wants to buy me a present, please see this thread for my wish list.) But it's possible that he's looking forward to the "tradition" you've established.
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A Red Sox fan will never, ever be sad to receive Red Sox tickets.

So if you don't want to give them to him, you can give them to me instead.
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Thanks for all the ideas, guys. A couple of them may be good fits for other people on my list as well.

Not sure about the razor, though. I think he prefers electric shavers.
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