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Where do I donate women's plus size clothing in northern NJ?
December 4, 2013 10:49 AM   Subscribe

I have a bunch of plus size women's clothing to donate in northern New Jersey. Which local organizations I should contact?

My mother died unexpectedly last month and she was a QVC clothing addict. I have bags and bags worth of 3x clothing, current styles, much of it still in QVC packaging. The clothing is in Essex County and I am looking for a local-ish organization that can actually use this clothing as opposed to turning it into rags, selling it or shipping it halfway across the world.

I would really appreciate specific recommendations of organizations who could use this clothing in my area.
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Is Hudson County close enough? If any of the clothing meets these requirements, you could donate it to Dress for Success. It even says they are in particular need of plus size clothing.

If some or all of the clothing is casual, you might still try calling them. I'm sure they'd have a very good idea of where this clothing could be directly donated to women.
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I would like to second finding a Dress for Success chapter, if you can. Their percentage of plus size clients is far higher than their number of plus size donations.
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Here's the page with the address & donation info.
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If you ever make it into the Philly area, CareerWardrobe is a great organization.

They'll take career-type clothes to give to clients and things that aren't suitable for that, they will resell to make money to further their goals.
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