Where in Los Angeles can I go to try wine and cheese pairings?
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For Christmas I'd like to take my husband to somewhere (a restaurant? wine shop? cheese shop?) where someone can sit down with us and teach us about (and let us sample) wine and cheese pairings. Is there anywhere like that in the North Hollywood area?

I've seen lots of restaurants and wine bars advertise pairings generally, but I would love for someone to actually sit with us and tell us about the pairings, why they go together, and what we can look for in picking wine and cheese that go together. (I know I can find this information online, but I'm really looking for the experience of it in addition to the information.)

We live in North Hollywood, so ideally it would be in that general area (Burbank, Glendale, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, etc.), but if you know of somewhere like this in the LA area, we'd be willing to travel.

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This guy is great, and he often does wine/cheese classes or wine/cheese/chocolate tastings and classes. He holds his classes at a number of locations/restaurants but often they are downtown or east side.
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The Cheese Store in Silverlake has wine and cheese pairing nights - not sure how often, since I don't like wine, but their cheese is absolutely phenomenal. I would call them up and ask when their next event is.
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You want the Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City.
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Hmm. I'd recommend the Wine House, but their calendar doesn't have any wine+cheese classes right now. I know they've offered them before, sometimes down to a specialist level (e.g. Piedmont wines and Central Italian sheep cheeses). They also have a sommelier program, so they're serious bizness.

The other place I'd recommend is The Cheese Store, but I don't know that they're going to do the sit-down thing with you. They do partner with Silverlake Wines, which does offer more personal classes.
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Not as local as BlahLaLa's suggestion, but another reliable option is The Cheese Store in Beverly Hills.
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Thanks all! You've given me some good places to check out and I've already started to contact them.

Thanks so much!
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